Pakistan Studies MCQS (3,100 Plus)

  In this post we have collected links to all important MCQs of Pakistan Studies that are available on Askedon and have been published from time to time on this website. The purpose of this post is to make it easy for our readers to surf easily all the available MCQs related Pak Affairs and

Pakistan MCQs

1 What is the official name of Pakistan? Islamic Republic of Pakistan 2 What is the total land area of Pakistan? 881,913 km² 3 On the basis of area what is the rank of Pakistan in the world? 33rd Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs 4 On the basis of population what is the rank of Pakistan in

Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs

1 Industrial production accounts for how much of Pakistan total GDP? 24% 2 The two largest industries of Pakistan industrial sector are Cotton textile and apparel 3 What percent of Pakistan’s total labor force is engaged in Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing? 40% 4 Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing cover _______ percent of

Pakistan Water Reservoirs MCQs

1 Emergency water reservoir capacity of Pakistan is 30 days 2 The emergency water reservoir capacity of India is for 190 days 3 US has the emergency water reservoir capacity for 900 days 4 Where is Mangla dam located? Mirpur District 5 Mangla dam is built on Jhelum river 6 Darawat dam is located in