Simla Deputation

In 1905, Liberal Party of England won general elections under the leadership of Llyod George. The Party announced that it would soon introduce constitutional reforms in India and would give adequate safeguards to Indian people. To avail this opportunity, Muslim leaders decided to meet Viceroy of India to apprise him of Muslims demands. For this

Sanitation, Health and Shelter Profile of Pakistan

By: Rida Zainab Kharal The term sanitation generally refers to the availability of proper resources to dispose of human waste; mainly feces, urine and hospital used utensils. It also includes maintaining hygienic conditions through garbage collection plus water disposal d to the World Health Organization. According to a report published by Media Scrapbook, Pakistan has

Understanding Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment are the two major objectives of all feminist movements which can be achieved by undertaking a number of steps. One such step is Gender Mainstreaming. The concept is relatively new and came into being in 1995. Therefore it is necessary to first understand what is gender mainstreaming before going into

The Pakistani Culture: Unity in Diversity

Written By: Rida Zainab Kharal Pakistan, being ethnically diverse is like an amalgamation of cultures bound together by nationalism and religion.Besides the diversity, national unity is reflected by every aspect of its culture. Pakhtun, Baloch, Punjabi and Sindhi are all Muslims yet they have different cultural traditions, even they speak different languages. Moreover, the white

Gender Studies MCQs Part XIII

1 When NASA appointed Holly Ridings as the first female Chief Flight Director? September 2018 2 When was Malala Yousafzai nominated for Nobel Peace Prize? 2013 3 When Malala got Nobel Peace Prize? 2014 4 When was Malala Day celebrated for the first time? July 12, 2013 5 When Dr Ruth Pafu died? August 10,