Self-reliance And Pakistan – Essay

For Outline Click Here   The ability of self-reliance for a state is as important as the existence of a core idea behind its creation. Just as a state cannot be created without having a fundamental idea, in the same way it cannot sustained its existence for a long time without achieving self-reliance. Therefore the

Can We Do Without English? – Essay

  For The Outline Click Here   The importance of English language can be understood from this fact that there are about more than two thousand languages in the world but among all of them only English has the status of an international language. Over the past two centuries most of the research work has

The Leadership A Country Needed

The overall performance of a state depends upon the type of leadership that runs it. If the leadership possesses good qualities, the state and its people prosper otherwise people live meager lives and the state faces many challenges. Today most of the Third World countries, including Pakistan, faces the problem of lack of competent leadership.

How To Tackle Blasphemy Cases?

Blasphemy is a very sensitive issue especially for Muslims. When a person used insulting words, either for God or a religious personality, he or she becomes an offender of blasphemy. Blasphemy is a religious crime. In Pakistan’s constitution the penalty for blasphemy is ranging from a fine to death. According to a report, in Pakistan

Will The Simplicity Of Imran Khan Make Any Change?

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi took oath of Prime Minister-ship on 18th August 2018, and became the 22nd elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Premiership of Imran Khan, in view of the general public of Pakistan, is different from that of the previous prime ministers. Most of the Pakistanis believe that his election to the Prime

KPK Tehsildar/NaibTehsildar 2018 Screening Test Full Paper

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes                                                                                      Total Marks: 400 NOTE: Negative marking is applicable (4 marks for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer). You May Also Like: KPK PMS 2018 Screening Test Full Paper CHOOSE THE SENTENCE CLOSEST IN MEANING TO THE ORIGINAL SENTENCE OR UNDERLINED WORD OR PHRASE. 1 The witch vanished at once The