Abbreviations And Acronyms MCQs Part III

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Abbreviations And Acronyms MCQs Part III

1 What is IEA?

International Energy Agency

2 What is INSTRAW?

International Research And Training Institute For The Advancement Of Women

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3 What is RBM?

Intermediate Range ballistic Missile

4 What is NADRA?

National Database And Registration Authority

5 What is NEPRA?

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

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6 What is NPT?

Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

7 What is OGRA?

Oil And Gas Regulatory Authority

8 What is OGDC?

Oil And Gas Development Corporation

9 What is PEMRA?

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority

10 What is PTA?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

11 What is RADAR?

Radio Detection and Ranging

12 What is SUPARCO?

Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Committee (Pakistan)

13 What is UNAEC?

United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

14 What is UNESCO?

United Nations Education, Scientific And Cultural Organization

15 What is WAN?

Wide Area Network

16 What is WAPDA?

Water And Power Development Authority

17 What is WHO?

World Health Organization

18 What is AIIB?

Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank


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