Askedon is an educational website that provides guidance and information to students of every level ranging from school to university level.   Today most of the educational websites are focusing on some specific level of learning process and they are providing their services to students of that particular degree.  This pattern of websites has left a vacuum for such a website that not only provides notes to students of every level but also presents ideas in as simple form as possible.

Keeping in view this demand of time, askedon.com was launched in May 2017 to serve student’s need of every level in best possible way. The website contains three basic categories of notes. These categories are; CSS (Civil Superior Services) Notes, which contain notes of different subjects, topic wise for students of both university level and those who are seeking job especially, aspirants of Civil Superior Services (CSS) of Pakistan.   Second and Third categories are College Notes and School Notes, which obviously contains notes for students of represented level.

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