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The Leadership A Country Needed

The overall performance of a state depends upon the type of leadership that runs it. If the leadership possesses good qualities, the state and its people prosper otherwise people live meager lives and the state faces many challenges. Today most of the Third World countries, including Pakistan, faces the problem of lack of competent leadership.

Will The Simplicity Of Imran Khan Make Any Change?

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi took oath of Prime Minister-ship on 18th August 2018, and became the 22nd elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Premiership of Imran Khan, in view of the general public of Pakistan, is different from that of the previous prime ministers. Most of the Pakistanis believe that his election to the Prime

Role Of Indian Intelligence Agencies In Terrorism

  South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular is one of the most terrorism affected area in the world. It is strange to note that other countries of the region except Afghanistan have not suffered that much from terrorism as much Pakistan has. The country’s leaders have raised their concern about this issue and

ICJ Rulings In Kulbhushan Jadhave Case

  In order to curb the menace of terrorism and to capture terrorists and those who are supporting them and avenge them, Pakistan conducted a number of operations on its land. All terrorists that have been captured during these operations have one thing common in their statements that their group is receiving funding from India

Significance Of SCO For Pakistan

  Pakistan acquired the status of observer in SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in 2005 and became full member in June 2017, along with India. The membership of SCO means a lot for Pakistan. Some of the significance of SCO membership for Pakistan has been discussed below. A Security Since security is one the basic objectives