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Implications Of US Indo Pacific Policy

To counter China’s growing influence in the region of Pacific, Trump’s administration has designed a policy called US Free and Open Indo Pacific (FOIP) Strategy. Albeit they negate the containing side of the strategy but a thorough analysis of the strategy shows otherwise. Empowerment of India in the region, being part of US FOIP Strategy, […]

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What is New World Order (NWO)?

For the past 28 years, since 1990, the world political system has been in constant state of transition. When Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) dissolved in 1990’s many political analysts presented different political theories about the future of world. Some termed the event as the “End Of History” and predicted that in future no […]

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Understanding US Indo Pacific Policy

US Secretary of State Michel R. Pompeo during his speech at US Chamber of Commerce on 30th July 2018 thoroughly outlined Trump’s administration new Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) Strategy. To keep US influence alive all over the globe US policy makers keep her engaged with important player states of every region through trade and […]

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Analysis Of CPEC Second Phase

The first phase of CPEC project is about to complete by 2020. Most of the development and building works aimed under the first phase of the project has almost been completed and now both China and Pakistan want to move towards the second phase of the multibillion dollars project. Under the second phase Special Economic […]

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Cracking The Phases And Timeline Of CPEC Project

As per Ahsan Iqbal, former Interior Minister of Nawaz government, the multibillions project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be completed by 2030. According to him all the construction and development work under the project will be finished in three phases. Challenges To CPEC The three phases of CPEC includes the construction of roads, economic […]

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US Blunders in Afghan War

US war on terror in Afghanistan is considered as one of the longest war fought in recent human history. Another distinguish feature of the war is the great difference of combatants’ number between the two groups. Whereas almost fifty six nations with plenty of resources and advance technology and weaponry were on one side, only […]

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Causes Of Trump Letter To Imran Khan

  In November this year US President Donald Trump in one of his tweet accused Pakistan for not taking significant steps against Taliban and other terrorist groups present in the region. His tweet infuriated both Pakistani public and political leaders and in response Prime Minister Imran tweeted by pointing Trump’s attention towards the sacrifices that […]