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How To Tackle Blasphemy Cases?

Blasphemy is a very sensitive issue especially for Muslims. When a person used insulting words, either for God or a religious personality, he or she becomes an offender of blasphemy. Blasphemy is a religious crime. In Pakistan’s constitution the penalty for blasphemy is ranging from a fine to death. According to a report, in Pakistan […]

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Challenges In Accountability in Pakistan

Corruption is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan that is not only hampering its pace of progress but it also has paralyzed the major institutions of the country. According to the Transparency International report of 2017, Pakistan is ranked as 117 most corrupted state out of 180 countries. One of the major reasons behind […]

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Challenges To CPEC

Challenges to CPEC depend upon the nature of enmity of both China and Pakistan with their rival nations. It is obvious that USA is not happy with the ever increasing influence of China on world horizon. Similarly China’s boarder dispute with India also may pose a threat to CPEC. Likewise India like China is one […]

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Critical Analysis Of CPEC

Over the past few years, since its inception in May 2013, CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is on the target of both by its opponent and supporters. Those who support this project are of the view that the project will be proved as a game changer for both the countries while the opponents opine that […]

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Is CPEC Really A Game Changer?

  From general public to politicians and scholars, everyone is calling CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) a game changer for Pakistan. They believed that with this mega project, Pakistan will not only get benefit in the form of infrastructure development but it will also help in attracting the attention of foreign investors to invest in […]

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ICJ Rulings In Kulbhushan Jadhave Case

  In order to curb the menace of terrorism and to capture terrorists and those who are supporting them and avenge them, Pakistan conducted a number of operations on its land. All terrorists that have been captured during these operations have one thing common in their statements that their group is receiving funding from India […]

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Should Not The Members Of Parliament (Majlis-e-Shura) Be Truthful And Trustful?

‘‘Corrupt citizens breed corrupt rulers, and it is the mob who finally decides when virtue shall die.’’                                                                                                                                                  Taylor Caldwell A parliament of any country or state is the most honourable institution, containing public representatives that are elected by the people of the country from different parts of the state. In a parliament, important decisions […]