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Panama Leaks Verdict And The Role Of Judiciary

  ‘‘The Constitution is what the judges say it is’’ — Charles Evans Hughes   A state can prosper only if all of its institutions, such as bureaucracy, military, judiciary and law enforcement agencies, are free of any kind of undue influence and also they are able to play their due role in their predetermined […]

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Should The Articles 62 And 63 Of Constitution Be Amended or Deleted?

The life of a nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous                                                                                                  Frederick Douglass Articles 62 and 63, added by General Ziaulhaq during his regime, deals with the qualification and disqualification of the members of parliament. Article 62 defines the characteristics of eligible candidates for taking part in general elections […]

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Can Pakistan Afford Tense Relations With USA

Pakistan came into being at a time when the world, though apparently was celebrating the end of a long lasting war but in reality she was preparing herself for another long live, yet fierce but not direct conflict between the two major winners of the World War II, United States (US) and Union of Soviet […]

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A Way Forward To US – North Korea Tension

The on-going tension between the Washington and Pyongyang is not the first of its kind. Both the United States and North Korea have come this far back in 1994 when the North Korean government had refused to grant permission to international inspectors for the inspection of nuclear facilities of the state. But this time the […]

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SCO: An Alternative Of EU?

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and European Union (EU) are two of the acclaimed intergovernmental associations, working for the advancement of their part states. The previous, SCO, is a branch of the Shanghai Five and appeared on fifteenth June 2001 while the later, EU, has been in work since the mid of 1950s (correct date is […]

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Is SCO An Eastern Version Of NATO?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is absolutely a military coalition framed in 1949, subsequent to marking North Atlantic Treaty by its part states on fourth April 1949. It is likewise in some cases called as North Atlantic Alliance and its individuals are generally from Europe and North America. The essential target behind the making […]