Category: Gender Studies

Development Feminism

Development Feminism is another form of Gender Reforms Feminism. This kind of feminism aims at highlighting women issues in post-colonial industrially developing countries. Details of Development Feminism are given in below paragraphs. Development Feminism held colonialism responsible for gender based division of labour force in developing countries. It argued that colonialism due to its main

Marxist Feminism

Marxist Feminism is another kind of Gender Reform Feminism. As the name indicates this idea of feminism is based primarily on the theory of socialism presented by Karl Marx and Engels. Details of this form of feminism have been given in below paragraphs. Development Feminism Marxist Feminism Some of the important points of Marxist Feminism

Liberal Feminism

To explain the concept of sex and gender and to highlight various gender inequalities problems and present solution for them, different feminist theories have been developed by different feminist groups. One such feminist theory is Liberal Feminism. Marxist Feminism Origin Of Liberal Feminism The roots of liberal feminism can be traced back to 1800 and

Understanding Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment are the two major objectives of all feminist movements which can be achieved by undertaking a number of steps. One such step is Gender Mainstreaming. The concept is relatively new and came into being in 1995. Therefore it is necessary to first understand what is gender mainstreaming before going into

Problems With #Me Too Movement

Tarana Burke, an Afro American woman in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment launched a movement with the name of #Me Too to encourage women to speak up publically about their sexual molestation and to put an end to sexual abuse of women in America and around the world. Her movement could not get much public

#Me Too Campaign Pakistan

#Me Too Movement in Pakistan remained a hot potato for a few months in 2018 when women from film industry and other social sectors began sharing their alleged stories of sexual harassment by fellow male workers. As most of the complainants could not prove their case, so the movement gradually starts losing its ground and