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Women Rights Issue in Pakistan

Each year 8th March is globally celebrated as International Women’s Day. On this day every nation state revives her commitment to ensure equal justice, rights and opportunities to women in society. Women are globally facing many challenges in both developed and developing countries. Women Rights Issues in Pakistan Pakistan being a developing country has many […]

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Sex VS Gender Debate In Gender Studies

Both the terms Sex and Gender have not only different meanings but they also have different concept regarding the social division of human beings on the basis of their appearance and capabilities. Both these terms are often used interchangeably by layman. Therefore to know difference between sex and gender it is necessary to understand their […]

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Difference Between Gender And Women’s Studies

Both Gender and Women Studies are often used interchangeably by layman but both these disciplines have major differences and they are not one and the same thing. Women Studies came into being as a result of Second Wave Feminism while Gender Studies emerged in 1990s due to the expansion of the scope of Women Studies. […]

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Effects Of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has severe effects both for the economy and society. It freezes the social, political and economic growth of the society. Effects Of Gender Discrimination Some major effects of gender discrimination pointed out by various feminists have been discussed in detail in below paragraphs. Exploitation Of Women Rights In the name of inferiority, superiority […]

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How To Prevent Gender Based Violence?

The elimination of gender based violence in general and violence against women in particular in a society is possible only through the support of the government. If the government of a state took some serious steps, its people will eventually work for the prevention of gender based violence. How To Prevent Gender Based Violence? Some […]

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Effects Of Gender Based Violence

The effects of Gender Based Violence (GBV) for women are severe. It destroys the victim personality and sometimes even become the basis of the development of many physical and mental diseases in women. Effects Of Gender Based Violence Some of the major impacts and consequences of the gender based violence, identified by various feminists are […]

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The Root Causes Of Gender Based Violence

Violence Against Women (VAW) or Gender Based Violence (GBV) is both a major challenge and problem of every society in today’s world. Many international organizations along with states are trying to eliminate or at least minimizes the risk of gender based violence in society. The Root Causes Of Gender Based Violence Feminists have identified many […]

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Gender Based Violence And Its Types

Gender Based Violence (GBV) or Violence Against Women (VAW) means an act that is conducted against a woman on the bases of her gender to either threaten or to suffer her. Gender based violence is not the problem of third world countries only as the issue exists in both developed and developing countries. Therefore it […]

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What Type Of Feminism Do We Need In Pakistan?

Feminism is a struggle that demands equal rights and opportunities for women. There are different types of feminism such as Liberal, Radical, Social and Marxist are some of the most famous kinds of feminism. To raise the social, cultural, economic and political status of women in Pakistan, it is important that we first analyze that […]

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The Need Of Women In Politics

Over the past 100 years, since women have granted the right to vote in elections, the role and importance of women in general elections and politics since then have increased globally. During these years, women successfully played an important role in politics and revealed the need and importance of women’s role in the political system […]