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Short Note On Din-i-illahi

Akbar acceded to the throne of Delhi in 1566 AD. From the beginning Akbar in order to penetrate and en-strengthen his rule over India had adopted a liberal posture while conducting state’s affairs. To win Hindus support he had married a number of Hindu women and had given some important posts in his court to […]

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Bhakti Movement – A Reaction To Islam

Due to its teachings of simplicity, equality and brotherhood a large number of Hindus were attracted towards Islam. Soon Muslims became a formidable national entity due to popularity of Islam in Subcontinent. In order to halt the progress of Islam a number of Hindu nationalist movements emerged in India but they all failed blatantly. Then […]

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Impacts Of Islam In India

The Social, Cultural, Political And Religious Contact Islam had acquired firm footholds in Indo-Subcontinent long before the arrival of Muslims along with Muhammad Bin Qasim in 712 AD. Muslim Arab merchants along with trade activities had spread the light of Islam in coastal areas of India however the religion was properly and in an organized […]

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Origin And Importance Of Two Nation Theory

Two Nation Theory was the single most important fact that gave shape to Pakistan Movement and finally led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.  The theory stated that Hindu and Muslims are two separate nations with distinct social, political and cultural values and therefore cannot be merged in one another. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan […]

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Basis Of Pakistan Ideology

The existence of Pakistan on world’s map every time reminds us the vibrant ideology of the Muslims of Subcontinent who on the basis of that demanded a separate state to ensure the survival of their separate identity. Generally an ideology is a set of proposed ideas about human nature and society. Therefore a political ideology […]