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Gender Studies MCQs Part XIV

1 What is the name of Slovakia first ever female president elected recently, April 2019?  Zuzana Caputova 2 Asia Noreen aka Asia Bibi took asylum in which western country? Canada 3 When was the controversial Aurat March held in Pakistan? 8th March 2019 4 What is the name of Managing Director and Chairman of the […]

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World Current Affairs 2019 MCQs

Knowledge of MCQs of World Current Affairs is a must for the preparation of Multiple Choice Questions based tests such as NTS, PTS, OTS, STS, BTS and other competitive exams such as CSS, PMS, PCS, BCS, IS and UPPSC. 1 When was Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action implemented? 16 January 2016 2 Which country is […]

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Current Affairs Pakistan 2019 For NTS

Below are Current Affairs Pakistan 2019 MCQs for the preparation of competitive tests and exams such NTS, CSS, PMS, PTS, OTS, STS and other such tests. We hope these Current Affairs Pakistan 2019 Multiple Choice Questions will help you in your preparation for any competitive test. 1 What was the name of Governor of State […]

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Steps Of Hajj MCQs

1 Zilhajj is? 12th Month of Islamic calendar 2 Masjid-e- Nimra is located? Arafat 3 The day Hujjaj goes to Mina is also called as? Yumul Taraveeh 4 The first day of Hajj is? 8th Zilhaj 5 The second day of Hajj is 9th Zilhajj 6 The third day of Hajj is? 10th Zilhajj 7 […]

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Kaaba Important Info MCQs

1 In which Surah, Allah has declared Kaaba as the first ever House of Worship on the earth? Surah Al Imran 2 Kaaba was first of all built by? Angels 3 Kaaba is also called as? Bait ul Ateef 4 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed? 9th Zilhajj 5 The Ghilaf-e-Kaaba contains? 150 kilo Gold and Silver Steps […]

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Hajj Rituals MCQs Part II

This is part II of the MCQs about Hajj rituals. In this part and in its previous part, Rituals Of Hajj MCQs all pilgrimage rituals have been discussed in multiple choice questions answer form to help students understand them easily. 1 Where did Hujjaj assume the state of Ihram? Meekat/Mowaqeet 2 During Hajj, which Kalima […]

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Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part I

1 Hajj starts on 8th Zilhajj 2 Which rituals Hujjaj performs on 8th Zilhajj? Hujjaj move to Mina from Makkah 3 What Hujjaj do in Mina? Pray their salah and stay there at night 4 On 9th Zilhajj, Hujjaj performs which rituals? After Fajar Salah moves to Arafat 5 What Hujjaj do in Arafat? Stay […]

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Types Of Hajj MCQs

1 There are how many types of Hajj? Three 2 What are the three types of Hajj? Ifrad, Qiran and Tamattu 3 What is Hajj Ifrad? When Hajj is performed without Umrah 4 Who can perform Hajj Ifrad? The residents of Makkah 5 What is Hajj Qiran? When Umrah is performed before Hajj Rituals Of […]

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Hajj Info And Introduction MCQs

1 Hajj literally means To intend 2 Hajj also means A sacred journey 3 When Hajj was become obligatory? 9th Hijry 4 How many times the command of Hajj has been given in the Noble Quran? One (Plz Check) 5 The command of Hajj has been given in which surah? Surah Al Imran Types Of […]

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Angels And Their Duties MCQs

This set of MCQs contain important information about Angels also called Malaikas and their duties in Islam. In our previous package of Multiple Choice Questions about Malaikas, Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs contains their Islamic names in question answer form. 1 Which Angel duty was to convey revelation to prophets? Jibrael/Gabriel (A.S) 2 Which […]