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Steps Of Hajj MCQs

1 Zilhajj is? 12th Month of Islamic calendar 2 Masjid-e- Nimra is located? Arafat 3 The day Hujjaj goes to Mina is also called as? Yumul Taraveeh 4 The first day of Hajj is? 8th Zilhaj 5 The second day of Hajj is 9th Zilhajj 6 The third day of Hajj is? 10th Zilhajj 7

Kaaba Important Info MCQs

1 In which Surah, Allah has declared Kaaba as the first ever House of Worship on the earth? Surah Al Imran 2 Kaaba was first of all built by? Angels 3 Kaaba is also called as? Bait ul Ateef 4 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed? 9th Zilhajj 5 The Ghilaf-e-Kaaba contains? 150 kilo Gold and Silver Steps

Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part II

1 Where did Hujjaj assume the state of Ihram? Meekat/Mowaqeet 2 During Hajj, which Kalima is recited? Kalima Tauheed 3 Stoning of Devil is performed on? 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Zilhajj Kaaba MCQs 4 During Hajj on which day both the Magreb and Isha prayers are prayed together? 9th Zilhajj 5 Where both the

Rituals Of Hajj MCQs Part I

1 Hajj starts on 8th Zilhajj 2 Which rituals Hujjaj performs on 8th Zilhajj? Hujjaj move to Mina from Makkah 3 What Hujjaj do in Mina? Pray their salah and stay there at night 4 On 9th Zilhajj, Hujjaj performs which rituals? After Fajar Salah moves to Arafat 5 What Hujjaj do in Arafat? Stay

Types Of Hajj MCQs

1 There are how many types of Hajj? Three 2 What are the three types of Hajj? Ifrad, Qiran and Tamattu 3 What is Hajj Ifrad? When Hajj is performed without Umrah 4 Who can perform Hajj Ifrad? The residents of Makkah 5 What is Hajj Qiran? When Umrah is performed before Hajj Rituals Of

Hajj Info And Introduction MCQs

1 Hajj literally means To intend 2 Hajj also means A sacred journey 3 When Hajj was become obligatory? 9th Hijry 4 How many times the command of Hajj has been given in the Noble Quran? One (Plz Check) 5 The command of Hajj has been given in which surah? Surah Al Imran Types Of

Angels And Their Duties in Islam MCQs

1 Which Angel duty was to convey revelation to prophets? Angel Jibrael/Gabriel (A.S) 2 Which Angel is called the Angel of Trumpet? Angel Israfel (A.S) Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs 3 Which Angel has the duty of taking souls? Angel Azrael (A.S) 4 What is the other name of Angel Azrael/Izrael (A.S)? Malak-ul-Mawt 5

Meaning Of Quranic Words

1 What is the meaning of Taharat-e-Sughra? Wuzu 2 The term Khumar in Quran means Wine 3 Kahaf means Cave 4 Nasr means Help 5 Falak means Dawn Angles And Their Duties in Islam MCQs 6 Ikhlas means Purity Of Faith 7 Un-nass means Mankind 8 The present shape of Quran is? Tufeeqi 9 Torat

Names Of Angels in Quran MCQs

1 How many times Iblees’ refusal of prostration is mentioned in the Holy Quran? Nine (9) Times 2 Iblees means Disappointed one Angels And Their Duties MCQs 3 In Quran Jibrael Ameen is also mention with the name of? Rooh ul ameen 4 Jibrael has been mentioned how many time Quran? Three (3) Times 5