Computer MCQs

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Computer MCQs

1 Computer is the term of which language?


2 When was the term computer used for the very first time?


3 Who invented computer?

Charles Babbage

4 What is the function of computer?

Perform arithmetic and logical operations

5 What are the two basic types of computer devices?

Input and output devices

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6 What an input device does?

Insert data/order to computer

7 What an output device does?

Shows result

8 What are the two input devices of computer are?

Mouse, Keyboard

9 A monitor is an

Output device

10 CPU stands for

Central Processing Unit

11 Who invented laptop?

Osborne computers limited

12 Who built the first computer window?

Microsoft Company

13 Who founded Microsoft?

Bill Gates and Paul Allen

14 When was first computer window introduced?

20th November 1985

15 PC stands for

Personal Computer

16 When was first video game invented?

October 1958

17 Who invented the first video game?

William Higinbotham

18 What is computer science?

Theoretical, Experimental and engineering study of computer

19 CPU is also called

Brain of computer

20 CD stands for

Compact Disk

21 ROM stands for?

Read Only Memory

22 ALU stands for

Arithmetic Logic Unit

23 VGA means

Video Graphic Array

24 WAN means

Wide Area Network

25 The father modern computer is

Charles Babbage

26 Who laid the foundation of computer science?

Allen Turing



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