Computer Shortcut Keys MCQs – Chapter I

computer shortcut keys mcqs


1 What happen when we press F8 key three times in MS Word?

A sentence is selected

2 In MS Word, Ctrl + =


3 To superscript the selected text in MS Word, short key is

Ctrl + Shift

4 In MS Word Ctrl + F9 is used for

Inserting code braces

5 To split a table, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Shift + Enter

6 In MS Word to increase left indent, short key is

Ctrl + M

7 What is short key for making selected text bold?

Ctrl + B

8 In MS Word to move the cursor page to page of document short keys are

Ctrl + Pg Up, Ctrl + Pg Dn

9 In MS Word short key for jumping to next column is

Alt + Down-arrow

10 In MS Word short key for breaking a page is

Ctrl + Enter

Shortcut Keys MCQs Chapter II

11 In MS Word short key for increasing the font size of selected text by one point every time is

Ctrl + ]

12 In MS Word short key for selecting all text is

Ctrl + A

13 Short Key for aligning text to center is

Ctrl + E

14 Short Key for opening new document is

Ctrl + O

15 Shortcut key for creating a copyright symbol in MS Word is

Alt + Ctrl + C

16 To open font dialog box in MS Word, shortcut key is

Ctrl + D

17 To check document for spelling errors, keyboard shortcut key in MS Word is


18 To update formula in table keyboard shortcut key is


19 Shortcut key for “Find and Replace” dialog box is

Ctrl + H

20 To insert Hyperlink the shortcut key is

Ctrl + K

21 Shortcut Key for accessing the font size tool on formatting toolbar is

Ctrl + Shift + P

22 Shortcut key for +Subscript” the selected text is

Ctrl + =

23 Shortcut key for “Superscript” the selected text is

Ctrl + Shift + =

24 Shortcut key for closing active document in MS Word is

Ctrl + F4

25 Another shortcut key to show font dialog box is

Ctrl + Shift + F

26 To show font dialog box, another shortcut key is

Ctrl + Shift + P

27 Shortcut key for removing all character formats is

Ctrl + Spacebar

28 Shortcut key to undo last action is

Ctrl + Z

29 To increase paragraph indent, shortcut key is

Ctrl + M

30 To move to the end of document, shortcut key is

Ctrl + end

31 Shortcut key for Cut is

Ctrl + X

32 To repeat the last action, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Y

33 Ctrl + Delete is used to

Delete the word just after the cursor

34 To delete word just before the cursor, shortcut key is

Ctrl + Backspace

35 Which of the following is paragraph mark?

36 For updating fields which keystroke is used?


37 In MS Word which key stroke activates speller?


38 To jump from one cell to another, which shortcut key is used?


39 Which of the following keys delete text to the right of cursor?


40 Which of the following keys delete text to the left of cursor?


41 Shortcut Key for left alignment of the text is

Ctrl + L

42 Shortcut Key for rectangular selection is

Ctrl + Shift + F8

43 Shortcut key for moving cursor one word right is

Ctrl + Right Arrow

44 To move one word left shortcut key is

Ctrl + Left Arrow

45 Short key to move to the end of the line is

End key

46 Short key for moving cursor one page down is

Ctrl + Page Down

47 To move cursor one paragraph down, short key is

Ctrl + Down Arrow

48 To mover cursor one screen up, short key is

Page Up

49 Short key for moving one screen down is

Page Down

50 To mover cursor one page up, short key is

Ctrl + Page Up


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