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1 CPEC stands for

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

2 A corridor is a

Belt that link two areas through road or railway

3 The initial value of CPEC project was

$ 46 billion

4 As of 2017 estimate, the latest value of CPEC project is

$ 62 billion

5 CPEC became partly operational on

13th November 2016

Is CPEC Really A Game Changer?

6 On 13 November 2016, Chinese cargo was transported overland to Gawadar seaport for onward maritime shipment to

Africa and West Asia

7 The CPEC project is built under the Chinese strategy of


8 OBOR stands for

One Belt One Road

9 China began construction at Gawadar in


10 President Mamnoon Hussain visited China, regarding CPEC project in

February 2014

Critical Analysis Of CPEC

11 Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan for the first time in

April 2015

12 To begin work on CPEC project, China and Pakistan signed an agreement on

20 April 2015

13 China included CPEC into its 13th five year development plan in

November 2015

14 CPEC project includes the rebuilding of Karachi-Peshawar railway line by


15 Quaid-e-Azam solar park is

The world largest solar power plant

Challenges To CPEC

16 Quaid-e-Azam solar park has occupied an area of

6,500 acres

17 Quaid-e-Azam solar park I situated in


18 The estimated power generation capacity of Quaid-e-Azam solar park is

1000 MW

19 Quaid-e-Azam solar park was built by which famous company of China?


20 NEPRA stands for

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Historical Places Of Pakistan MCQs

21 Balloki Power Plant estimated power generation capacity is

1223 MW

22 Balloki Power Plant is a

Natural gas power plant

23 Balloki Power Plant is located in


24 The estimated power capacity of Bhakki Power Plant is

1180 MW



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