Cracking The Phases And Timeline Of CPEC Project

phases and timeline of cpec

As per Ahsan Iqbal, former Interior Minister of Nawaz government, the multibillions project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be completed by 2030. According to him all the construction and development work under the project will be finished in three phases.

Challenges To CPEC

The three phases of CPEC includes the construction of roads, economic zones, railway tracks and other physical infrastructure. To better understand the project let us take a look at each phase individually.

Is CPEC Really A Game Changer?

CPEC Phase I: Phase one of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will be completed by 2020. During this period important work in energy sector and physical infrastructure development will be done. Some prominent projects completed during this stage include 1000 MW Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park (Bahawalpur), Thar coal mining blocks and various other small energy development projects.

Critical Analysis Of CPEC

Main focus during CPEC First Phase would be on the development of trade routes across the country and various energy generation projects that would successfully quench the energy thirst of Pakistan.

CPEC Phase II: Expected date of the completion of CPEC Phase Two is 2025. During CPEC Second Phase, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and industrial estates will be built over trade routes in Dhabeji, Faislabad, Rashakai, Hattar, Keti Bander and Sheikhupura.

Analysis Of CPEC Second Phase

In CPEC Second Phase main focus would be on the uplift of industrial development in the country as well as the boost of economy of the country.

CPEC Phase III: Work on CPEC Phase Three will be started as soon as Phase II comes to an end and will be completed by 2030. As by 2025 CPEC phase of building basic infrastructure will come to an end, so it is believed that in third phase of the project main focus will be concentrated on the development of long term projects.

Some political analysts have divided the Fifteen years long CPEC project into four stages. According to them the four phases of CPEC project are;

Phase I – called Early Harvest completed by 2018

Phase II – called Short Term will be completed by 2020

Phase III – called Medium Term will be completed by 2025

Phase IV – called Long Term will be completed by 2030

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