Every Day Science MCQs Part VI

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Every Day Science MCQs Part VI

1 In a Fusion Bomb, the conversion of mass into energy is about


2 A particular ‘‘dal’’ cooks in ten minutes in an open pan, the time counted at the point of boiling. A housewife who was getting late for a film show however turns up the flame after boiling point to an extent that the pan now receives double the heat. In what time does the ‘‘dal’’ cook now?

In exactly the same minutes

3 In an air conditioning what quality of air is controlled?

Relative humidity

4 According to latest calculation, what is the age of the earth?

5,500 million years

5 The process by which plants prepare their iwn food is called


6 Malaria virus

Attacks and destroy Red Blood Cells

7 The most important element in Photosynthesis is the green colour of plant called


8 Plants that prepare their own food without the use of chlorophyll are


9 The distant most point that an artificial satellite attain during its revolution about the earth is called


10 Edison is known for his discovery of

Electric bulb

11 William Harvey’s researches are related to

Blood Circulation

12 Streptomycin was discovered by

  1. A. Waksman

13 Dog star is

The brightest star in the heavens

14 Radioactive substances do not emit


15 The velocity of light was first measured by


16 Distribution of enzymes is

Not a function of blood

17 In humans, most digestion occurs in

Stomach and small intestine

18 A block of wood that floats half in and half out of water has a specific gravity of


19 A ball thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 19.6 m/s returns in 4 seconds. The maximum height attained by the ball is

19.6 m

20 When chain reaction in nuclear becomes violent, central rods are pushed in; these are made of



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21 The ratio of the speed of sound in steel to its speed in air is

15 : 1

22 Anti-polio vaccine was discovered by

Jonas E. Salk

23 Exobiology is the study of

Life or its possibility on other planets

24 Anti-matter is

Anti-particles constituting nuclei of anti-protons and orbital positrons

25 The electric device that would transmit sound as well as image is called


26 Typical vertebrates have tails but humans do not have one. What is the reason?

Man had a tail but it was lost during development

27 Weathering is

Decomposition of rocks

28 Larynx is also called

The Adam’s Apple

29 Anti-rabies treatment was evolved by

Louis Pasteur

30 Hydroponics is the art of

Growing plants without soil

31 Absolute Zero is

Theoretically the lowest possible temperature

32 Superphotonic speed is the speed

More than light

33 When your carpet gets dirty or dusty, you generally clean it with a stick. Scientifically, this action of yours is explained is explained by using one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Which law can you explained is involved in the act?

Newton’s First Law of Motion

34 If the air temperature is lower than that of body temperature heat is lost chiefly by

Radiation and Convection

35 Generally the approximate limit of visible spectrum is

4000 to 7000 A

36 Drugs used to relieve pain are


37 The scientist who first recognized and named the nucleus was

Robert Brown

38 Which ray has the shortest wavelength?

Gamma ray

39 In a green plant nitrates are used in the production of


40 Secretion of bile does not contain


41 Sometimes a cycle with well inflated tyres left in the sun has its tubes burst open. Why?

Because the pressure of the air inside the tube increases

42 The inter relation between matter and energy was first proposed by


43 The Empirical formula of a substance is

The simplest formula which express its composition by weight

44 The force of attraction between like molecules is called


45 The science of study of coins is


46 The study of punishment and prison management is called


47 Louis Brail invented

Printing Press

48 Larynx is also called

The Adam’s Apple

49 Leukaemia or cancer of the blood is caused by the excessive growth in the blood of

White Blood Cells

50 Caries is a disease of the


51 The Earth is nearest to the Sun in

Early January

52 An Indian physicist has propounded in collaboration with another eminent scientist the new theory of gravity which has superseded the Relativity Theory of Einstein. Who is this celebrated Indians?

Dr. J. V. Narlikar

53 A gun pushes back when fired on account of Newton’s

Third Law of Motion

54 Newton’s Law of Gravitation applies to

Small and Big bodies

55 A cylindrical lens is required to correct


56 Penicillin was discovered by

Alexander Fleming

57 What is required to build new tissues for growth of a human body?


58 Milk, butter and ghee provides

Vitamin A and D

59 Measles is a

Communicable disease

60 The engine having highest efficiency in the group is

Diesel engine

61 Trichinosis is a disease associated with eating

Uncooked pork

62 The LASER produces

A beam of monochromatic coherent light

63 Capillary action is due to

Adhesion and surface tension

64 Cislunar is the

Space between the earth and the moon

65 The distance of the earth from the sun is

93,000,000 miles

66 What is the brightest star in the heavens known to the earth men?


67 Sun gets a tremendous amount of energy through

Nuclear explosions

68 What is Nebula?

A group of stars in the heaven

69 In the atmosphere, conditions of high pressure indicates

Fair weather

70 An equinox is

The date when days and nights have an equal duration

71 You may have observed on occasions a deposit of ice crystals on surface of objects near the ground. It happens when water vapour in the atmosphere solidifies without first passing through the liquid state. What is it called?

Hoar Frost

72 Helium is an inert gas discovered by chance in 1868 by

Norman Lockyer

73 The property of a body that is independent of its position in the universe is


74 The most characteristic property of a liquid is

Volume conservation

75 Habits and conditioned reflexes are alike in that both

Are learned responses

76 The hormone insulin which is used in treating in diabetes was discovered by

Banting and Best

77 An instrument used to compare the intensities of two light sources is called

A photometer

78 Ball pen function on the principle of

Surface tension

79 The usual way of propagating Banana is

By root cutting

80 The ear contain receptors which are sensitive to sound vibration in the air between the frequencies of

20 per second to 20,000 per second

81 The neutron carry

No charge

82 Atomic energy is obtained from splitting of

Atoms of any substance

83 Various particles in an atom have been bound together by a kind of force called

Energy or heat

84 After persistent decay, radium would be finally changed into


85 Beta rays are

Fast moving electrons

86 Bombardment of cosmic rays becomes harmless for earth life because of

Earth-bound atmosphere

87 A green object looks green because

It reflects green colour

88 The bending of a beam of light when it passes from one medium to another medium is known as


89 In addition to fuel what is the most essential element to produce fire?


90 An electrocardiogram is used to detect malfunctioning of the

Circulatory System

91 As an individual’s arteries harden, his blood pressure usually


92 As the amount of starch produced by a plant increases, the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf generally

Remains the same

93 Marine chromometers are used in determining


94 Small liquid drops assume spherical shape because

The liquid tends to have minimum surface area due to surface tension

95 Yeast is added to dough for making bread. Yeast is added because

It produces Carbon Dioxide which makes the dough rise

96 If the cerebellum of a pigeon is destroyed, the pigeon would not be able

To fly

97 Electrons can be accelerated to very high energies by means of


98 A fusion reaction is initiated by

Very high temperature

99 A heap of oil clothes may catch fire without the presence of flame. Can you say why?

Oil in clothes undergoes oxidation resulting in heat which if allowed to accumulate may burst to fire

100 If two smoother surfaces come into contact, friction would be




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