Every Day Science MCQs Part VII

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Every Day Science MCQs Part VII

1 What is the name of the force that pulls every object in the universe?


2 If the mass of the one of the attracting body is halved, the gravitational force will be


3 When we say that all motions in the universe are relative what we actually mean is that it is

Related to something else

4 Oxygen combines with other elements and produces what is called oxidation or burning. When oxidation is very quick what is it called?


5 At a certain temperature, water changes its shape and changes from liquid to solid. What s that temperature?

Zero Degree Centigrade (0 C)

6 The process that takes millions of years of convert rock into soil is called


7 Can you the substance that is present in earth crust but does not come from a living thing?


8 Silver is admittedly a soft metal. It is combined with some other metals to make it ideal for making jewellery and coins. What is that metal?


9 Sapphire is a gem. Its colour is


10 Many artificial fibre such as rayon, plastic and paper are made from


11 As the depth of a body of water increases, its pressure 1 meter below the surface

Remain the same

12 As a rigid airship rises, the buoyant force of the air


13 The outer layer of the cells of a stem


14 The roots that do not grow from a main root but directly from the stem are called

Adventitious roots

15 Calories requirement does not depend upon


16 Earthquake waves travel fastest in

Solid rocks

17 The tapeworm lies in the intestine of a man as a


18 The somatotrophic hormones chiefly affect the growth of


19 All living organisms are composed of one or more


20 Man is superior to other organisms in the functioning of his



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21 The relative humidity at the base of a cloud is closest to


22 In transfusions, blood must be compatible not only in blood type but also in

Rh Factor

23 Does the human heart ever rest?


24 The heart rest

Rests between beats

25 Water does not provide energy for

Cell use

26 Small, tiny green growth that usually looks like a green carpet comes and goes with moisture is called


27 Fungi are called dependent plants because

They cannot exist without the help others

28 Fungi has

No chlorophyll

29 Fungi are called dependent plants because

They cannot prepare their own food themselves

30 Fungi are called dependent plants because

They depends on food prepared by other green plants

31 Mushrooms are some of the

Rarest species of fungi

32 Only some kinds of Mushrooms are


33 What is asbestos?

A fire resistant fibrous mineral

34 The gas that is mixed in water for washing purpose is

Carbon Monoxide

35 Telephone was invented by

Graham Bell

36 Hunger Centre in human body is located in

The brain

37 ‘‘Watch your calories.’’ What does this means?

To eat according to requirement

38 Vitamin A found in abundance in animal fats help animals in

The prevention of infection

39 A vitamin that an infant needs for the development of bones and teeth is

Vitamin D

40 Humans have descended from marine-life which had sea water as their body fluid. This characteristic explain why we need


41 We get tired because of excessive

Lactic Acid

42 As the velocity of a particle increases, its

Mass increases

43 Syphilis is a disease that transmitted by


44 The human ear has its greatest sensitivity between

2000 to 4000 cps

45 The Red Blood Cells are also called


46 Vitamin C is present in

Oranges and Lemon

47 As the number of animals in a pond increases, the number of plants in the same pond


48 A concentration of 0.1% glucose in urine might be a symptom of


49 Where the ureter leaves the Kidney is a space called

The Pelvis

50 The Kidneys are

Oval shaped

51 A white cell count is helpful in determining whether a patient has

An infection

52 A round worm that enters human body through soles of the feet is the


53 The function of the blood is

To carry oxygen

54 The function of the blood is

To carry food

55 The function of the blood is

To carry heat

56 The function of the blood is

To remove waste

57 We know that a shallow sleep is less restful than a deep sleep. But what kind of sleep we are in, when we dream?

Shallow Sleep

58 Can you name the blood type that can be given to any person in a transfusion?

Blood type ‘O’

59 Blood group ‘‘O’’ is also called

Universal donar

60 Of all living creatures on earth, only human beings cry. But who among the humans cry?

The thinking ones and the emotionally sensitive ones

61 When we feel headache, it means that

Something is gone wrong to the nervous system

62 Most of the domesticated animals such as cats, dogs and bulls are

Colour blind

63 A fish is

A cold-blooded creature

64 How does a snake move?

With the help of its underside scales

65 How does a honeybee communicate to other bees about the discovery of nectar-giving flowers and pollen which can be converted into honey?

Through various kinds of dances

66 If there were no mulberry trees there would be no


67 Which bird egg is the largest?


68 An Ostrich egg is composed of

Single cell

69 Dinosaurs were living on earth

About 60 to 180 million years ago

70 Dinosaurs were

Cold-blooded reptiles

71 What are hormones?

Secretions of ductless glands

72 The velocity of radio waves is same as that of

Elastic waves

73 In Rutherford atomic model, the path of electrons will be


74 The Salvia in the mouth acts upon


75 Gene is

An elementary unit of heredity

76 A blood vessel that carry deoxygenated blood is the

Pulmonary artery

77 The best source of vitamins for a high school pupil is

A properly varied diet

78 The science for the study of old age is known as


79 The instrument used to detect the radiation just outside the red end of the visible spectrum is


80 The most destructive enemy of forests is


81 A term that may be applied to all disease-producing micro-organisms is


82 If a red rose is observed in a background with red light, then it will appear


83 A transformer is used to

Convert A.C voltage

84 What is Plasma?

The essential fluid portion of the blood

85 Epilepsy is

A disease of the nervous system

86 Such creatures such grasshopper, sponges, crabs and snails are in medical science called


87 Which organ of the body produces fluid known as bile?


88 Pimples appears on face due to

Condition of puberty or skin disease

89 The nerves that conveys messages such as the thing being hot, cold or transmitting pain to the central system are called

Sensory nerves

90 Which is the heaviest flying bird?


91 Which planet in Solar System is nearest to Earth?


92 Which planet is Solar System is nearest to Sun?


93 Between Venus and Mars, which planet is far from Earth?


94 Which planet of the Solar System has shortest day?


95 Which Vitamin helps young bones to grow stronger?

Vitamin D

96 Which planet of the Solar System has largest number of Satellites?


97 A caterpillar transform itself into


98 Haemoglobin in blood carries


99 What is hibernation?

The habits of some of the animals of sleeping through the winter months

100 In what continents are found some mammals that lay eggs?




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