Every Day Science MCQs Part VIII

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Every Day Science MCQs Part VIII

1 Red, Yellow and Blue are known as

Primary pigments

2 Newton postulated his corpuscular theory of light on the basis of

Rectilinear propagation of light

3 Legumes such as clover restore to the soil compounds of


4 Safety Match was invented by


5 Measles is an

Airborne disease

6 To correct a low Red Cell count, a doctor would most likely suggest

A special diet

7 James Watson and Francis Crack are two scientists known for their discovery of

The structure of DNA

8 The Atomic Bomb is

A fission bomb

9 It is difficult to write legibly with a fountain pen on newspaper because of

Capillary Action

10 As the amount of clay in a soil increases its water retaining capacity


11 The process by which a heavy nucleus splits into two nuclei is known as


12 Energy which a body has because of its state of motion is called

Kinetic Energy

13 The Earth is farthest from the Sun in

Early July

14 What is Photosphere?

The 500 miles deep bright surface of the Sun

15 Water boils at 100 Centigrade. How much is it at Fahrenheit Scale?

212 Fahrenheit

16 What makes the fog to disappear?

Increase of heat in the atmosphere

17 Artificial Radioactivity was discovered in


18 The TWO French scientists who discovered Artificial Radioactivity were

Joliot and Irene Curie

19 Who discovered Vitamin which we are told, are essential for healthy and vigorous life?

R.C. Funk

20 Thorium is obtained mainly from



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21 There is a small very common bird in which the life force burns with the fury of a nuclear reactor. The pulse rate if the bird may come to over 1000 beats a minute. Which is that bird?


22 If the length of the pendulum of the clock is decreased, it will

Go fast

23 According to the Laws of Planetary Motion all planets of the Solar System moves around the Sun in an

Elliptical way

24 According to the Laws of Planetary Motion all planets of the Solar System move fast when

They are nearest to the sun

25 Instrument which is used to study the behaviour of vibrating strings is called


26 Viruses were first crystalized by


27 Chloromycetin is the drug used for


28 Is any change in weight occurs when we move from equator of the Earth to either pole?


29 As a body moves from equator to pole, its weight increases by

½ percent

30 The force that anybody exert on anything which support it, is called


31 The changes that occur in a plant community over a period of a few centuries are usually called


32 Largest glands in the human body is


33 Habits are

Acquired automatic acts

34 A rocket works on the principle of

Conservation of Linear Momentum

35 Substances usually present in largest amount in ordinary food are

Carbohydrates and proteins

36 Substances in the blood that neutralizes the effect of certain foreign materials are called


37 The pituitary gland is located in the


38 The approximate number of Red Blood Cells which are formed and destroyed everyday is


39 Normally the pulse rate is the same as

The vein beats

40 A pendulum of length 1 m has a period of 2 seconds. The period of pendulum of length 2 m is

2.8 seconds

41 The nearest, largest and brightest nebula known to earth is


42 A ship floats on water because

It displaces water more in weight than its own

43 Water kept in earthen pitchers remains cool because

Pitcher’s porous build promotes evaporation and consequent cooling

44 Suppose you are standing at the front end of a stationary boat and dive in the lake. In which direction will the boat move?


45 A streamline body is one which

Best overcome resistance of air, water etc

46 Peanuts in fact are


47 Oranges, water-melons and lemons are


48 The best conductor of electricity is


49 The term thermonuclear reaction refers to the heat released in


50 When a person smokes, his blood pressure is likely to


51 A hyperthyroid condition is usually associated with

High blood sugar

52 The gas in the blood that exerts chemical control over the rate of breathing is

Carbon Dioxide

53 A picture covered with glass plate cannot be seen so distinctly as one not so covered because the glass

Reflects part of the light

54 Between the Right Auricle and Right Ventricle there is a valve. This valve is called

Tricuspid Valve

55 The anatomical name of collar bone is


56 A piece of cloth appears red in the sunlight. When held in the blue portion of a solar spectrum, the clothe appears


57 Refractive Index of glass is least for

Red Light

58 The idea that hospital should be very clean was suggested by


59 Leaves, stems and other plant parts decay and form


60 Reforestation results by an increase in

Water in the ground

61 On increasing external pressure the melting point of Wax


62 The ovaries, which the reproductive organ of a female are

Cream colour

63 A group of cells performing the same function is correctly called

A tissue

64 Paediatric means

Treatment of children diseases

65 The Chinese method of treating diseases by needles is called


66 Sound travels in

Longitudinal wave motion

67 An injury to the rear portion of the cerebrum would most likely interfere with

The sense of sight

68 The moderator used in a reactor is


69 The Cyclotron was invented by


70 A man wanting to shoot at a fixed target should aim

Slightly higher

71 Kidneys are involved in the function known as

Excretory System

72 William Harvey’s pioneering works relate to

Blood Circulation

73 Seismometer is an instrument for measuring

The intensity and place of occurrence of earthquakes

74 Ecocide is the

Intentional destruction of life supporting environment

75 Which is the latest theory of the evolution of universe?

Steady State Theory

76 The outer surface of the sun is called


77 An average human breathes how many times a day?

22,000 times

78 The loose fitting clothes, as compared to the tight fitting clothes, are

More warm

79 When we blink our eyes, it is to

Give lubrication to the eyes

80 Aurora Borealis is

The phenomenon of many coloured lights in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere

81 Monocotyledons are the flowering plants which have

Narrowed leaves

82 Convection can only take place in


83 The blood vessels with the smallest diameters are called


84 The production of excess pigment in the skin is stimulated by mainly by

Ultraviolet rays

85 Hertz is a unit of


86 The pH of gastric juice is about


87 An organism having the characteristics of both plants and animals is the


88 As a ship takes on cargo, the buoyant force of water upon it


89 When a disease occurs as a regular feature among certain populations of a particular area as under certain conditions, it is called


90 Which Vitamin is naturally formed in the skin by the action of sunlight?

Vitamin D

91 A body weigh less at the


92 Anaemia is a body condition marked by


93 Who stores more fat in the body – man or woman?


94 Malaria Parasite was successfully isolated by

Sir Ronald Ross

95 Beri-Beri is a deficiency disease caused by an unbalance diet low in

Vitamin B

96 Acupuncture is a technique used by

Chinese medicine men

97 Water pipes when water with in freezes because

Water expanded when freezes

98 Electrocardiography is an instrument used for

Recording of electric potential changes at each heart beat

99 Unit of work is


100 Mercury thermometers can be used to measure a temperature up to

360 C



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