Everyday Science MCQs Part IX

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Everyday Science MCQs Part IX

1 The bacterium that causes tuberculosis was discovered by


2 Ring worm affects

Epidermal tissues of the body

3 Anaemia is a shortage of

Haemoglobin in the blood

4 When White light is passed through a glass prism, the colour that is most refracted is


5 A small depression in the centre of the retina is called


6 The ability of living things to respond to changes in their environment is called


7 Two sources of waves are coherent if

Both produces waves same wavelength having constant phase difference

8 Energy is measured in the same units as


9 Any self-sustaining molecular or nuclear reaction is called

Chain reaction

10 In Pasteurization, most germs in milk are killed by

Instant heating and cooling of the milk

11 What is the scientific explanation of weight?

The force of attraction of earth on a mass

12 There is a gap between the two pieces of railway line. What is this gap kept for?

To neutralize the expansion of lines

13 The art of preparation and preservation of the animal’s skin is called


14 Leukaemia is occurred due to

Marked increase in white corpuscles in blood

15 Cooking is more difficulty on mountain because

The pressure is comparatively low

16 Crescograph is a device for measuring

The growth of plants

17 The branch of medicine which specialises in the study and treatment of illness causing various kinds of behavioural disturbances is called


18 Arthritis is a disease of

Inflammation of joints

19 Treatment of rabies was discovered by

Louis Pasteur

20 Rabies is also called sometimes



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21 Antibodies that dissolve bacteria are called


22 The body is like an internal combustion machine in that it

Enables us to do work

23 One of the Kidney’s functions is to

Maintain the normal composition of blood

24 The Thyroid gland is in the


25 The most abundant organic molecules in living organisms are


26 Although some dogs seem to act intelligently, their responses do not appear to involve


27 Sulpha drugs are effective against diseases caused by


28 Buds formed at the ends of main shoot or branches are called

Terminal buds

29 What is that tropical plant which at some stages shoots upwards nearly 16 inches a day?


30 Blood cells, produced by Bone Marrows, depends upon the need of oxygen by the body. Thus a person living at high altitude in comparison with that living in plain area has

More blood cells

31 Barometer was invented by

Evangelista Torricelli

32 Anaesthetic are the drugs that

Induce temporary loss of sensation

33 A blotting paper absorbs ink because of the

Capillary Action

34 Cellulose is a


35 A Fuse in an electric circuit is a

Safety device

36 A red flower when illuminated by a green light appears


37 The inner layer of the skin is called


38 Which class of vertebrates has two chambered heart?


39 As a gas expands rapidly, its temperature


40 To be detected by its odour, a substance must be in the form of


41 Nerves from the eye and ear are connected to the


42 An animal that is adapted to live on a very limited supply of water is the

Horned Toad

43 The electric unit that is similar to the rate of flow of water is the


44 As a person rapidly move towards a stationary source of sound waves, he observes

A rising in pitch

45 Intelligent behaviour is directly dependent on


46 Bacteria were first observed by


47 A bud is a

Condensed shoot

48 The escape velocity needed of earth is

40,000 km/hr

49 The man who was the founder of modern plant breeding was


50 Insulin controls the metabolism of


51 Pneumonia is an

Infection of the lungs

52 Which device is used to indicate a very small electric current?


53 In the liver blood may gain


54 A plant with no root hairs would most likely be found living

In a pond

55 When a hotter flame is applied to water that is already boiling, the temperature of the water

Remains the same

56 The structure used for locomotion in Paramecium is


57 One important product of fermentation is


58 Steel is more elastic than


59 Cream is lighter than


60 Swimming is easier in

Sea water

61 A body weigh more in a


62 Ice float on water but sinks in


63 As the earth is growing old, the days are becoming


64 Melting points are lowered by

Increasing pressure

65 Evaporation accompanied by


66 During boiling, temperature

Remain the same

67 High flying birds send no shadow

On Earth

68 A metal that was accidentally discovered by a group of wandering is


69 Typhoid fever attack

Stomach and lungs

70 Humphry Davy invented the

Safety lamp for miners

71 Carbon dating is scientific process for determining the

Age of an object

72 A gas has neither definite shape nor

A definite volume

73 Cryogenics is the study of

Behaviour of metals at extremely low temperature

74 If a brass ring is heated, its diameter will

Increase slightly

75 We can see objects because they

Reflect light

76 Insectivorous plants grow in the soil which is deficient in


77 Which Vitamin is most easily destroyed by heat and air?

Vitamin C

78 Bacteria reproduce by rapidly by cell division as often as one in

20 Minutes

79 As the amount of glycogen in the liver decreases, the amount of glucose in the blood usually


80 A full set of permanent teeth consist of

32 teeth

81 Which disease is caused by a protozoan?


82 The humus content of soil can be restored by


83 The movement of winds is caused by

Differences in pressure

84 The Earth’s atmosphere goes as high as

1500 miles

85 Frost damages some fruits and vegetables by

Freezing the plant juices

86 Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into

Two equals halves

87 Equator divides the Earth into

Northern and Southern Hemisphere

88 Potential energy is the energy

Which is stored in the molecules of matter

89 What is the difference between Algae and Fungi?

Algae has chlorophyll while Fungi has not

90 What is that poisonous gas that is used to purify water for consumption purposes?


91 What gives flowers their scent?

Oils in the petals

92 A substance used to destroy micro-organisms and render the material sterile is called

A disinfectant

93 Sleeping sickness is caused by a


94 The organic nutrient with the highest calorific value is


95 The Vitamin associated with the clotting of the blood is

Vitamin K

96 The brain centre for the control of breathing is in the


97 The combination of a red glass plate and a blue glass plate will transmit

Virtually no light

98 Modern classifications of plants and animals is based on a system devised by


99 Radio waves are much like

Light waves

100 The normal period of time for one complete cardiac cycle in an adult is about

0.8 Seconds




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