MCQs Of Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013

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MCQs Of Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013


1 When the President of Pakistan signed the Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013?

20th March, 2013

2 What is the basic aim of the Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013?

To enhance the effectiveness of Ombudsman

3 Basic objective of the government behind the effectiveness of Federal Ombudsman is

To provide speedy and expeditious relief to citizens

4 The authority of Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013 extends to _______.

The whole of Pakistan

5 When the Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013 came into force immediately after

Signing by the President

6 The Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013 defines agency as it must either have government share or it must have been

Registered or licensed by the federal government

7 According to the Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013 an Ombudsman is one who has been

Appointed under section 21 of the act

8 An Ombudsman means a government appointed officer whose duty is to

 Investigate public complaints against a company

9 The office tenure of an Ombudsman according to the Act is

Four (4) years

10 As per this Act can any extension be given to the Ombudsman tenure?


11 According to the Act, can an Ombudsman after completion of tenure be re-appointed?


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12 Under which special circumstances a federal Ombudsman can held office even after the completion of his tenure?

Till the entrance of his successor to the office

13 An acting Ombudsman as per the Act can be appointed in which special circumstances?

If the office is vacant or he is unable to perform his duty

14 Who possess the authority to appoint an acting Ombudsman?

President only

15 As per the Act who is liable to perform his duties till the appointment of acting Wafaqi Muhtasib (Federal Ombudsman)?

The Federal Tax Ombudsman

16 A Federal Ombudsman can be removed from his office through

 Supreme Judicial council

17 For resignation, Ombudsman is bound to write resignation letter to whom?


18 As per the Act a Grievance Commissioner is an officer appointed in an agency against which (the agency)

A large number of complaints are present

19 The basic criterion for the appointment of a Grievance Commissioner is that he should not be

Below the scale of 21

20 Under whose directions the Grievance Commissioner can perform duty?


21 As per the Act an Ombudsman, before entering his office, is required to take oath in front of the


22 As per the Act an agency, in response of a complaint, may submit a written comment if demanded by the


23 On demand of the Ombudsman agency is required to submit written comment within how many days?


24 As per the Act, an Ombudsman possesses the power of a

Civil court

25 An Ombudsman has the power of granting

Temporary injunctions

26 What are the other power of Federal Ombudsman?

Implementation of the recommendations, orders or decisions

27 What is the maximum period for validation of temporary injunction made by Ombudsman?

Sixty (60) days

28 An Ombudsman can also punish a contempt as provided in

Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003

29 Within how many days before Ombudsman an aggrieved party can made a review petition over a decision or recommendation?

Thirty (30) days of the findings

30 Within how many days the Ombudsman is required to decide the review petition?

Forty Five (45) days

31 Any party aggrieved of the decision of Ombudsman may file representation to President within how many days?

Thirty (30) days of the decision

32 In case of representation made to President, the order or decision of the Ombudsman remained suspended for how many days?

Sixty (60) days

33 For representation to the President, the aggrieve party shall addressed it directly to President and not to any other

Ministry, division or department

34 The representation in the office of President shall be processed by whom?

A judge of Supreme Court or a retired Wafaqi Muhtasib (Federal Ombudsman) or a retired Federal Tax Ombudsman

35 The representation shall be decided within how many days?

Ninety days

36 In representation, personal hearing of the President and Ombudsman are

Not necessary

37 The Ombudsman is bound to provide copies of the findings to parties free of cost within how many days of the finding.

Fifteen (15)

38 An Ombudsman is the chief executive and ________________ officer of the office.

Principal Accounting

39 Over a matter, which falls under the jurisdiction of Federal Ombudsman, does court or any other authority possess the power of jurisdiction.


40 Under the section 4 of the Act, an Ombudsman is not allowed to

Hold any other office or occupy any other position

41 For a period of how many years an Ombudsman cannot hold an office other than Judicial or quasi-judicial?

Two (2) years

42 For a woman to be appointed as Ombudsman, she must have at least how many years of experience in the matters related to _________.

Ten (10) years of, Protection of women against harassment




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