Forest MCQs

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Forest MCQs

1 How much area of the world is covered by forests?


2 What is the biggest forest in the world?

Amazon Rainforest

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3 Which country has the biggest forest in the world?


4 How much land area of Russia is covered by forests?

49.4% (wiki)

5 The forest area of Russia alone is equal in size to which continent?


Countries Forests MCQs

6 How much of China is forest?


7 Which country has highest forest cover?


8 Which country has highest percentage of its geographical area under forest?


9 How much of Canada is forest?

49.2% (wiki)

10 Which country has the Second highest forest cover?


11 How much of Brazil is forest?

56.1% (wiki)

12 Which country has the Third highest forest cover?

Brazil (Brazil is small in size than Russia and Canada)

13 How much of USA is forest?

33.8% (wiki)

14 Which country has the Fourth highest forest cover?

USA (wiki)

15 What country has the most trees?


16 How many trees Russia has?

642 billion trees

17 What is the second largest forest in the world?

Congo Rainforest

18 How many trees are cut down each minute?

Approximately 55600 trees

19 How much of the world’s forests have been destroyed?

80% (WRI report)

20 How much forest is cleared every minute?

Approximately 139 acres

21 What is the percentage of forest in India?


22 How much land area of India is under forest cover?


23 Which country has least forest cover?


24 How much of Oman is forest?

0.01% (worldatlas)

25 Which country has no forest?

Qatar, San Marino and Greenland


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