Gender Studies MCQs Part III

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Gender Studies MCQs Part III

1 Attributes associated with girls and women are called


Gender Studies 800 MCQs

2 Androgynous are those people who exhibits combination of both

Masculine and feminine characteristics

3 Discrimination that a person face on the basis of gender is called

Gender discrimination

4 When the term empowerment became popular?

In the mid of 1980’s (especially in reference to women)

5 In gender studies what does empowerment mean?

Giving women power and authority equal to that of men

Gender Studies MCQs Part IV

6 Where empoerment for women begins?


7 What is Gender Mainstreaming?

Public policy concept of assessing the different implications of different action policies for Men and women

8 The concept of gender mainstreaming was first proposed in the year of


9 When the concept of gender mainstreaming was given?

At Third World Conference on Women

10 Gender analysis uncovers what?

Gender relations effects on a development problem

11 Gender analysis aims at what?

Achieve Equity rather than Equality

12 Women’s Studies was an offshoot of which wave of feminism?


13 Gender Studies came into being after which wave of feminism?


14 Women studies is older than

Gender Studies

15 What Gender Studies include?

Women’s Studies plus other things

16 Gender Studies discuss men as equally as


17 Women’s Studies discuss whom for most of the time?

Women only

18 What is Women’s Studies?

‘‘An education strategy for change’’

19 Women’s Studies owe its existence to what?

Women’s Liberation Movement

20 What Gender Studies include?

Women’s Studies, Men’s Studies, LGBT

21 What does LGBT stand for?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

22 What does Bisexual mean?

Having characteristics of both sexes

23 What Transgender means?

 A person whose identity and gender differs from birth sex

24 The first National Women’s Studies Association conference was held in the year


25 In Pakistan, Gender Studies in universities is taught on which pattern?

Europe and other countries


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