Gender Studies MCQs Part IV

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Gender Studies MCQs Part IV

1 What CEWS stands for?

Center of Excellence for Gender Studies

2 Centre of Excellence for Gender Studies (CEWS) was established in the year of


Gender Studies 800 MCQs

3 CEWS was established by which ministry of the Government of Pakistan?

Ministry of Women Development

4 CEWS was established as a project in 1989 in how many public universities?


5 The first master degree program in Women’s Studies in Pakistan began in

 1991 at University of Karachi

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6 M.Phil and Ph.D. degree programs in Women’s Studies at the University of Karachi were started in the year of


7 What PAWS stand for?

Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies

8 When PAWS started work?

March, 1991

9 In Islam the share of women in inheritance is how much?

Woman gets half of man share

10 During the reign of Second Pious caliph who was market supervisor?

 Al Shifa bint Abdullah

11 The term ‘‘constructionism’’ was coined by who and when?

Seymour Papert, 1980’s

12 Social Constructionism uncovers the ways by which individuals construct what?

Their perceived social reality

13 The phrase Queer Theory was coined by whom and when?

Teresa de Laurites, 1991

14 A disease that causes male infants to appear like female till puberty is called

5 Alpha Reductase Deficiency

15 The theory that men and women should be treated equally also sometimes called as

Core Feminism or Core Feminist Theory

16 A person who supports feminism is called


17 What APWA stands for?

All Pakistan Women’s Association

18 APWA was started by whom?

Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan

19 APWA was established in the year of


20 What was the purpose of APWA establishment?

Furtherance of the moral, social and economic welfare of the women of Pakistan

21 What WMA stands for?

Women’s Action Forum

22 WMA was established in the year of

September 1981

23 The Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill was passed in the year of


24 When was the Criminal Acid Act passed?


25 When was the Women’s Protection Bill passed in Pakistan?

 November 15, 2006


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