Gender Studies MCQs Part V

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Gender Studies MCQs Part V

1 Liberal Feminism is against what type of difference?

Biological differences

2 What was the goal of Liberal Feminism in US?

Addition of Equal Rights Amendment to US constitution

Gender Studies 800 MCQs

3 According to Marxist Feminism, women’s oppression is due to what?

Economic dependence

4 Marxist Feminism put women into the structure of what?


5 According to Marxist Feminism, solution to women’s oppression is

The replace of Capitalism with Socialist system

Gender Studies MCQs Part VI

6 According to which feminism oppression of women is due to many factors?


7 Development Feminism emphasis on what?

Universal human rights

 8 According to Radical Feminism what is the root cause of oppression?


9 According to Psychoanalytical Feminism the continue process of gender discrimination is due to which reason?

Psychological gendering of children

10 Separatists feminists advocates separation of women from men either

Total or Partial

11 What does First Wave Feminism demanded?

Right of vote for women

12 NAWSA stands for what?

The National American Women’s Suffrage Association 

13 Second Wave Feminism emerged in the years

1960s to 1970s

14 In USA Black feminists raised their concerns through organizations such as


15 The modern World-Systems Theory originated around ________.


16 The World Systems Theory was developed by sociologist _________________.

Immanuel Wallenstein

17 According to World System Theory, core countries are ____________ countries.

Dominant capitalist

18 Peripheral countries, according to World System Theory are ______________ rich countries.

Labour and raw materials

19 Peripheral countries are also commonly referred as _____________ countries.

Third World

20 Countries that are midway between the core and periphery are called ___________.

Semi-peripheral countries

21 Semi-peripheries countries come into existence both from _________ and _________.

Developing peripheries, Declining cores

22 Historical examples of Semi-peripheries are ___________ and ___________.

Spain, Portugal

23 Dependency theory explains how a ___________ and ___________ nations interact.

Developing, Developed

24 Dependency theory was formulated in _________ in a direct challenge to __________ economic policies of the post-War era.

1950s, Free Market

25 Strain Theory discusses _________ due to the forceful prevention of people from their _______ goals.

Deviance, Culturally approved


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