Gender Studies MCQs Part VII

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Gender Studies MCQs Part VII

1 The first country which grant national level voting right to women was the self-governing British colony of _________ which passed the Electoral Bill in _____________.

New Zealand, September 1893

2 The British colony of South Australia granted full suffrage in ________ giving women the right to vote and to stand for parliament.


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3 Britain’s Parliament passed the Eligibility of Women Act in __________________ which allowed women to be elected to Parliament.

November 1918

4 Ten years later (in 1928), the Representation of the People Act granted women the right to _______ in Britain.


5 Spain granted women the right to vote in __________.


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6 France granted women the right to vote in ___________.


7 Belgium, Italy, Romania and Yugoslavia granted women the right to vote in ________.


8 The suffrage movement in United States gained prominence after the _________________ in __________.

Seneca Falls Convention, 1848

9 Woman’s National Loyal League was formed in ________________ by __________ and __________.

1863, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

10 NWSA stands for ___________________.

National Woman Suffrage Association

11 AWSA stands ________________________.

American Woman Suffrage Association

12 NAWSA stands for _____________________.

National American Women Suffrage Association

13 NAWSA was formed in ___________ by merging _______________ and _______________.

1890, NWSA, AWSA

14 Congressional Union was formed in_______ by _________ and _____________.

1914, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns

15 In 1916 the Congressional Union was renamed as ___________.

National Woman’s Party (NWP)

16 The widely reserved minimum percentage of women representation in any parliament is _______________.


17 As of 1st May 2015 report, the percentage of female parliamentarians around the world stood at __________.


18 _____________ has the highest number of women parliamentarians worldwide.


19 In Rwanda, women have _________ seats in lower house.


20 Gender is a term refers to _____________________ distinction between males and females.

Social and cultural

21 Today we have ___________ women parliamentarians in the 12th legislature of Pakistan which make _________ of the total representation in National parliament.

Seventy four, 21.64%

22 GBV stands for ___________.

Gender Based Violence

23 VAW stands for _____________.

Violence Against Women

24 CEDAW stands for __________________.

UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

25 CEDAW was adopted by the UN in _____________.



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