Gender Studies MCQs Part VIII

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Gender Studies MCQs Part VIII

1 DEVAW stands for _______________.

UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women

2 DEVAW was adopted by the UN in ________.


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3 The Psychopathology Theory put stress on the ________ of men who abuses their wives.

Mental Illness

4 According to Learned Behaviour Theory the violence conducted by men and beard by the women depend upon ________.

Their learning in the family

5 According to Loss of Control theory gendered societal expectation prevented men from expressing anger and frustration which at some stage result in the ____________.

Loss of control

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6 According to Learned Helplessness theory, women stay in abusive relationships because constant abuse strips them of the _______ to leave.


7 According to Cycle Of Violence Theory men did not express their frustration and anger because they had been taught ___________.

Not to show their feelings

8 According to Family/Relationship Conflict Model woman’s behaviour contributes to the _________ in the family.

Build-up tension

9 According to Power And Control Wheel Theory the purpose of violence is to exert __________ and _________ over woman.

Power, Control

10 DAIP stands for _______________.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

11 Pakistan ranks _______ out of ___________ countries in the Gender Empowerment Measure of 2011.

82, 93

12 According to 2011 Gender Inequality Index Pakistan stands ______ out of ______ countries.

115, 140

13 According to an estimated value __________ women become a victim of rape in her lifetime.

One out of every five

14 About ____________ of the estimated 500,000 to 2 million annually trafficked people includes women.


15 According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), annually _______ women become victims of honour killing worldwide.


16 Who is the author of book “The Second Sex”?

Simon de Beauvoir

17 Dialect of Sex is the work of

Sulamith Firestone

18 In which Centre Of Excellence In Gender Studies is present?

Quaid-e-Azam University

19 When was the Hudood Ordinance passed?


20 What is the percentage of women reserved seats in Parliament of Pakistan?


21 Who was Kate Millett?

Radical Feminist

22 Who passed Women’s Protection Act?

Pervaiz Musharaf

23 When was the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act passed?


24 Pakistan signed CEDAW in the year of


25 Who was the first women speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

Fahmida Mirza


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