Gender Studies MCQs Part X

1 The Urdu Journal Alam-e-Niswan is published how many times a year?


2 The Urdu Journal Alam-e-Niswan is published in which two months of the year?

June and December

Gender Studies 800 MCQs

3 WNIA stands for?

Women’s National Indian Association

4 When was WNIA formed?


5 WNIA is the feminist association of?

USA (America)

Gender Studies MCQs Part XI

6 AIDWA is the feminist association of which country?


7 AIDWA stands for

All India Democratic Women’s Association

8 When was AIDWA established?


9 Who is called “The First Lady of Urdu Poetry”?

Ada Jafarey

10 What is the date of birth of Ada Jafri?

August 22, 1924

11 WOI was the feminist association of which country?


12 WOI stands for?

Women’s Organization of Iran

13 When was WOI founded?


14 When was WOI dismantled?


15 Who dismantled WOI?

Islamic Revolution

16 Who has written the famous Urdu ghazal Hoṉṭoṉ pih kabhī un ke merā nām hī āʾe ?

Ada Jafri

17 When Ada Jafarey died?

March 12, 2015

18 ACWF is the feminist association of


19 ACWF stands for

All China Women’s Federation

20 When was ACWF founded?

March 24, 1949

21 Khushbu is the Urdu poetry collection of which famous female Urdu poet?

Parveen Shakir

22 When was Parveen Shakir born?

November 24, 1952

23 When did Parveen Shakir died?

December 26, 1994

24 Who is the youngest Muslim woman to climb Mount Everst?

Samina Baig

25 Samina Baig belongs to?


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