Gender Studies MCQs Part XII

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Gender Studies MCQs Part XII

1 Who is the first woman that climbed Mount Everest?

Junko Tabei (Japan)

2 When the International Women Day (IWD) is celebrated?

8th March every year

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3 Who is the author of the book Reversed Realities?

Naila Kabeer

4 Who is the first women foreign secretary of Pakistan?

Tehmina Janjua

5 When was the Women Protection Bill at Workplace passed in Pakistan?

March 2010

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6 When was Muslim Law Ordinance passed in Pakistan?


7 What is the quota of women in Pakistan civil services?

15% (thenews 2015 report)

8 In which government 10% quota was given to women in CSS?

Peoples Party Government (2010)

9 When Pakistan ratified CEDAW?


10 CEDAW stands for

Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women

11 The film “A Girl in The River” was based on

Honor Killing

12 Who is the director of the film “A Girl in The River”?

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

13 Who presented the World System Theory?

Immanuel Wallerstein

14 What is female literacy rate in Pakistan?

45% (thenation 2016 report)

15 Who is the author of the book Gender Trouble?

Judith Butler

16 Who is the first female Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nations?

Maleeha Lodhi

17 Who is the author of Pakistan’s Encounter with Democracy?

Maleeha Lodhi

18 What is another famous book of Maleeha Lodhi?

Pakistan Beyond the Crisis

19 When Malala Day is celebrated?

12th July

20 When the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared “Triple Talaqq” unconstitutional?


21 Who is the first female Chief Economist of IMF?

Gita Gopinath

22 When IMF appointed Gita Gopinath as Chief Economist?

October 2018

23 Which country in the world first legalized equal pay for men and women?


24 When Iceland legalized equal pay for men and women?

January 2018

25 Who is the NASA first female Chief Flight Director?

Holly Ridings


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