General Knowledge MCQs Part IV

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General Knowledge MCQs Part IV

1 Which is the Movie Capital of the world?


2 World’s first petrol-driven motor car was built by a German scientist in 1887. What was his name?

Gottlieb Dailmer

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3 The same note played on Sitar and Veena differ in


4 The study of punishment and prison management is called


5 Louis Brail invented

Printing Press

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6 Larynx is also called

The Adam’s Apple

7 The science of study of coins is


8 The Earth is nearest to the Sun in

Early January

9 A gun pushes back when fired on account of Newton’s

Third Law of Motion

10 The engine having highest efficiency in the group is

Diesel engine

11 The relative humidity at the base of a cloud is closest to


12 Telephone was invented by

Graham Bell

13 We know that a shallow sleep is less restful than a deep sleep. But what kind of sleep we are in, when we dream?

Shallow Sleep

14 How does a honeybee communicate to other bees about the discovery of nectar-giving flowers and pollen which can be converted into honey?

Through various kinds of dances

15 If there were no mulberry trees there would be no


16 Which is the heaviest flying bird?


17 Who invented Safety Match?


18 As a body moves from equator to pole, its weight increases by

½ percent

19 Suppose you are standing at the front end of a stationary boat and dive in the lake. In which direction will the boat move?


20 Reforestation results by an increase in

Water in the ground

21 A man wanting to shoot at a fixed target should aim

Slightly higher

22 An average human breathes how many times a day?

22,000 times

23 Who stores more fat in the body – man or woman?


24 The art of preparation and preservation of the animal’s skin is called


25 Although some dogs seem to act intelligently, their responses do not appear to involve



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