General Knowledge MCQs

general knowledge mcqs book

General Knowledge MCQs are very important especially if you are planing to appear in CSS, PMS, NTS, PTS, OTS, BTS, ETEA, FPSC and other provincial tests. We have collected links all MCQs that have been published on this blog from time to time in this single post so that you may easily prepare them.

Just click on any title/heading that you are interested in and multiple choice question (MCQs) about that topic will open in new tab.

Our Universe Chapter I
Our Universe Chapter II
Earth MCQs Chapter I
Earth MCQs Chapter II
World MCQs
World Agriculture MCQs Chapter I
World Agriculture MCQs Chapter II
World Animals MCQs Chapter I
World Animals MCQs Chapter II
Bowls Of The World MCQs
World Companies MCQs
World Continents MCQs Chapter I
Continents MCQs Chapter II
Countries MCQs Chapter I
Countries MCQs Chapter II
Countries MCQs Chapter III

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