General Knowledge Pakistan MCQs Part I

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General Knowledge Pakistan MCQs Part I

1 Which is Pakistan’s largest district?


2 When did Pakistan won Olympic gold medal in hockey for the first time?


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3 Where did Pakistan won Olympic gold medal in hockey for the first time?


4 How many glaciers are in Pakistan?


5 Where is Lake Karachai located?


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6 Who was the first Pakistani to climb K2?

Nazir Sabir (in 1981)

7 Who was the first female Pakistani to climb Mount Everest?

Samina Baig (19 May 2013)

8 Who became the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest on May 19 2013?

Samina Baig

9 How many peaks in Pakistan are higher than 8000 meters?


10 Which river of is called Life Line of Pakistan

Indus River

11 What is the motto of Pakistan?

Faith, Unity, Discipline

12 What is the national animal of Pakistan?


13 Which is the national tree of Pakistan?

Deodar Cedar

14 What is the national vegetable of Pakistan?


15 What is the national fruit of Pakistan?


16 What is the national color of Pakistan?

Dark Green

17 What is the national drink of Pakistan?

Sugarcane Juice

18 What is the national dress of Pakistan?

Shalwar Kameez

19 Which is the national food of Pakistan?


20 Which is the national mosque of Pakistan?

Faisal Mosque

21 Which is the longest river of Pakistan?

Indus River

22 Which is the longest road of Pakistan?

N-5 highway

23 What is national bird of Pakistan?


24 Which is the biggest city in Pakistan?


25 What is the national sport of Pakistan?

Field Hockey


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