General Science MCQs Part I

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General Science MCQs Part I

We have collected these MCQs from various to help you in your preparation for your upcoming tests and examinations. We have tried our best to avoid mistakes in the following multiple choice questions but still if you find any mistake please help us to correct it by mentioning the right answer in the comment section.

1 With the present level of space exploration, how much man knows about the size of universe?

It is not possible to know the size of universe

2 What is Milky Way?

It is the name of galaxy to which our solar system belongs

3 The Law of Gravitation was propounded by


4 What humidity means?

The presence of water vapours in the air

5 Is dry air a good conductor of electricity?


6 The growth of our sexual organs are associated with

Pituitary glands

7 A porpoise is a


8 Who discovered Nitrogen Gas?

Daniel Rutherford

9 What does Mass in Physics means?

The quantity of matter inside a body

10 Fossils are

The remains of plants and animals buried ages ago

11 The red colour of blood is due to


12 Blood do not get the normal amount of haemoglobin when our food is deficient in


13 Soap is made by

Boiling fats and oil with an alkali

14 In human body, urine is store in


15 Bladder receive urines from


16 Eugenics deals with the production of fine offspring of

Human beings

17 The minimum velocity needed for a body to escape from the gravity of earth is called

Escape velocity

18 Escape velocity of earth is

11.2 KM/S

19 The speed of light in a dense medium


20 When a beam of light passes from air into water, its speed



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21 What will happen when the lid of a bottle, containing water at 30 degree Celsius, is opened on the surface of moon?

Water will boil

22 Much of the credit for developing the Compound Microscope is given to

Van Leeuwenhoek

23 Physiology is mainly concerned with

Activity of the body

24 According to a hypothesis, the first living organisms obtained energy directly from

Organic molecules in the ocean

25 One of the man-made elements is


26 After having six daughters, the chances of parents to produce a son is


27 Worn-out red corpuscles are decomposed in the


28 Sound waves in air are

Longitudinal waves

29 What is Botany?

Study of plants life

30 Contract, an eye disease, appears to have occurred if

General vision have become excessively cloudy

31 What is Bacteria?

A plant

32 What is a ‘‘White Dwarf’’?

A lightless star which has collapsed after his Hydrogen supply has been used up

33 Who is considered as the father of motion picture?

Thomas Edison

34 Topology is a

Branch of Mathematics

35 Which discipline is called the mother of all sciences?


36 What is Whiting?

Pure Calcium Carbonate

37 What is Pancreas?

A gland

38 Where is Pancreas located in human beings and animals?

Behind the stomach

39 The hormone secreted by Pancreas is called


40 Carrot, especially when taken as raw, is a good source of which Vitamin?

Vitamin A

41 What is the element which has the greatest number of compounds?


42 Hansen’s disease is


43 Vacuum is created in an electric bulb so that

The filament is not burnt up in the presence of air oxygen

44 The mass of an atom resides in the


45 Rest and Motion are

Relative terms

46 A pathological excess of white corpuscles in the blood is called


47 A vitamin that affects the ability to see in the dim light is

Vitamin A

48 A man is ordering a lens to use as a reading glass. He should order

A large convex lens with short focal length

49 Newton’s Disk, when rotated rapidly appears


50 The four chamber heart is found in

Birds and Mammals

51 Heat travels from one object to another when the objects have different


52 The outer layer of skin is called


53 The inner layer of skin is called


54 The inner most layer of skin is called


55 Pressure on a liquid

Increases with depth

56 The amount of Carbon dioxide in inhaled air is


57 The amount of Carbon dioxide in exhaled air is about


58 Smell and taste are closely connected because there is a direct connection between the

Nasal and mouth cavities

59 The chamber of the heart that pumps oxygenated blood to all parts of the body is

Left Ventricles

60 The chamber if the heart that receives blood from all parts of the body is

Right Ventricle

61 Sulfa drugs may be effective against disease caused by


62 In a leaf the opening between two guard cells is known as


63 Pyorrhoea is the disease of

The gums

64 Rickets and Scurvy are

Deficiency diseases

65 Bacteria are considered as the lowest member of which kingdom?

Plant Kingdom

66 Bacteria are

Both useful and harmful to life

67 Moon’s surface gravity is

One-sixth that of earth

68 Liver is concerned with which system of the body?

Digestive system of the body

69 Hygrometer is an instrument for

Measuring the relative humidity in air

70 Sericulture is

Art of silkworm breeding

71 The force of attraction between unlike molecules is called


72 The stars in the sky, visible to the bare eye are the

Suns of various systems

73 Distances in the universe are measure in

Light years

74 The earth revolve around the sun in an almost predetermined path which is


75 A constellation is

A group of stars in the heaven

76 If the axis of earth would not have tilted there would have been

No different seasons and days and nights would be of equal length

77 As water is colourless then why Snow is white?

Ice crystals reflect light of all wavelengths

78 Lightning often stops when it begins


79 Rainbow is formed either in early morning or in

Late afternoon

80 Weightlessness experienced while orbiting the earth in a spaceship is the result of


81 Rutherford is the scientist known for

The first man-made transmutations

82 A tissue is made up of

Several cells of same origins joined together

83 The ciliated cells form the lining of


84 The calyx consists of


85 ‘‘To every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction’’ is

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

86 Conversion of Ammeter into Voltmeter requires

High resistance in series and removal of shunt

87 Which element has proteins, fats and carbohydrates in common?


88 Any micro-organism which is capable of producing a disease condition is said to be


89 If a gymnast sitting on a rotating stool with his arms outstretched, suddenly lowers his arms

Moment of inertia decreases

90 Big ships and boats for floating in oceans follow which principle?

Archimedes Principle

91 Electrons carries

A negative charge

92 Radium is naturally


93 Sunlight is composed of how many colours?

Seven (7)

94 As temperature rises, the speed of sound


95 The Two kinds of energy described by science are

Potential and Kinetic energy

96 Combustion is the other name of


97 As far back as 3000 years from now, a European nation knew that rubbing of amber pieces produces charge that attract some objects and which was later known as static electricity. Which nation was it?


98 Human growth is conditioned and are regulated by a system of glands, called

Endocrine glands

99 When sex glands in the body develop late, the person becomes

Taller in height

100 Digestion start as soon as the food

Enters the mouth




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