General Science MCQs Part II

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General Science MCQs Part II

1 Fresh fruits and food contain more of


2 In the body salt is stored up in the


3 The best remedy for a person who works for long hours together on desk and get exhausted is to

Take a long walk

4 The capillaries are tiny vessels that carry blood from

Veins to Arteries

5 When we cut our nails short, we do not feel the pain or hurt. This is because nails are

A horn-like material

6 Why do we laugh?

To express our feelings

7 Which is the fastest four legged animal?


8 What is the name of the bird that can stay still in the air by side of a flower and searches its food of nectar and insects in it?

Humming bird

9 Fish breathe through


10 If seeds, rather than grafts, are used to develop an apple orchard, the prospect of for a profitable crop


11 A radio station broadcasts at 30 meter band. The frequency of electromagnetic waves transmitted from this station could be

10 MHz

12 An iron ball and a wooden ball of the same radius are released from the same height in vacuum. The time taken by both the balls to reach the ground are

Exactly equal

13 Man’s chief competitors for available food supply are


14 Hawks are valuable because they

Destroy mice

15 In some leaves the outer most layer secrets a continuous waxy layer called


16 In leaves the outermost layer is called


17 A photoelectric cell converts

Light energy into electric energy

18 The image formed on the retina of the eye is

Real and inverted

19 Vampire bats are the bats that eat


20 In a honeybee colony, what category of bee is the drone?

A male bee, non-working


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21 Why do migratory birds go back in the next spring?

Breeding instinct with change in climate

22 Which constituent of the blood carries food materials to all tissues of the body?

White corpuscles

23 What is an instinct?

An immature action

24 How many muscles does a human body have?

173 muscles

25 Why is rest necessary after a good deal of exercise or work?

To neutralize poison that is produced during exercise or work

26 The nerves that carry impulses form the brain are called

Motor Nerves

27 What is a Whale?

A mammal

28 The sky over the earth in fact looks


29 Can there be light without heat?


30 One of the sources of the light without heat is


31 Lungs are part of the

Respiratory system

32 Kidney are part of the

Excretory system

33 Uranium is a

Soft grey metal

34 The commercial importance of Uranium is

Its explosive property

35 Silkworm is a


36 Silk is obtained from


37 What is a quarry?

An open pit dug in the ground to take out the rock and sand with ease

38 The planet between Earth and Mercury is


39 How many planets of our Solar System have no satellites?

Two (3)

40 The Two planets of our Solar System that do not have satellites are

Mercury and Venus

41 A small green insect that sucks plant juice is the


42 The velocity of sound is largest in

Steel rod

43 After birth it is believed that the body is no longer able to form

Nerve cells

44 The organic nutrient with the highest calorific value is


45 The first Atomic Bomb contained two pieces of

Uranium 235

46 The most important aspect of photosynthesis is considered to be the

Conversion of radian energy into chemical energy

47 A sextant is used to measure

The height of an object

48 As the amount of water vapours in the air increases the rate at which plant transpire usually


49 The live Polio Vaccine, which can be taken by mouth, was developed by

Albert Sabin

50 Cola seeds contain quantities of


51 A person sitting in a train moving with uniform velocity tossed a coin vertically up. The coin will fall

Back to his hands

52 Glass and plastics are

Poor heat conductors

53 Liquids are

Poor conductor of heat

54 The path of the earth around the sun is called


55 Scientifically speaking, rust that an iron gets, is

Iron Oxide

56 The dense veil of fog that major cities have at night and early morning is called


57 Frost, generally, is not formed at cloudy nights because

Clouds prevent radiation and therefore help the ground temperature remained higher

58 Lightning is caused when

Opposite charges in different clouds break down the resistance offered by the intervening air

59 The zigzag pattern of lightning is due to

The least resistance of the atmosphere to the charge particles

60 Most perfumes, dyes and drugs are obtained from

Coal tar

61 If water is to be used in simple barometer, the water column would have to be

10.3 meter long

62 Which is used in the measurement of high temperature?

Thermo-electric pyrometer

63 Liver, milk, egg yolk, fish liver oil are the source of

Vitamin D

64 Coronary heart diseases is most often found in persons suffering from

High blood pressure

65 As person becomes older, his/her blood pressure generally


66 Chemical compounds, proteins in nature, made in the cells of living organisms are called


67 Sound waves above 20,000 MHz are called


68 As a metal rod increases in length due to heating, its diameter


69 Light waves are

Transverse waves

70 Which of the following is Vector Quantity?

Electric field intensity

71 As a balloon is filled with Carbon Dioxide, the buoyant force of the air outside the balloon


72 Roentgen rays are

Sun rays

73 Light is

A form of energy

74 An object that reflect light of all wavelengths appears


75 An object that absorb light if all wavelengths appears


76 Comparing to air, sound waves in water travels

Much faster

77 What is an echo?

A sound repeated by reflection

78 The scientist that did some experiments with gravity first of all was


79 Scientifically speaking, all motions are


80 A Mercury is a

Metal but is present in liquid form at room temperature

81 A Mercury is

Very sensitive to temperature variation

82 Kinetic energy is the energy that is produced by the fact of

Any movement of an object

83 The colour of Emerald is


84 Diamond is the

Hardest known substance

85 Raw cotton, jute and linen are almost pure


86 The Thymus gland is related to


87 We get hungry when

Blood gets short of some nutrients

88 A Whale is

A warm blooded creature

89 A clear sky is blue because

Blue light scattered more than red

90 Thrombosis is a disease of the


91 The tough non-elastic, fibrous coat around the eyeball is called


92 The discovery of electrons is credited to


93 Which one of the following substances is a product of digestion of proteins?

Amino acids

94 A disease in which blood does not clot readily is called


95 Colour of thin films result from

Interference of light

96 Unequal expansions of metals make possible the operation


97 A cloud may form when moist air rises because

The air is cooled to its dew point or below

98 What act as a catalyst in the rusting of iron?

Moisture (water)

99 Whale, the largest sea-animal breathes through


100 The planet nearest to the sun is




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