General Science MCQs Part IV

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General Science MCQs Part IV

1 We are now living in the geological era called


2 A concave mirror forms

Both real and virtual images

3 Helium is

A very light gas

4 Helium was discovered in

19th Century

5 A n atom of iron is how many times heavier than an atom of hydrogen?

55 times

6 The rays that are used to detect defects or diseases of bones are

Roentgen rays

7 Red paint inside a cane does not look red. What does it look like?


8 An object that absorbs all lights and reflects none appears


9 Till recently man’s greatest invention was considered to be the wheel. At present, man is caught in the struggle to

Obtain maximum energy from atom

10 Water at the top of a fall or behind a dam is an example of

Potential energy

11 Heat is a form of energy. When we measure heat, we measure energy. Energy is measured in


12 Volta is known to have discovered

Current electricity

13 The scientific name of common salt is

Sodium Chloride

14 The method of feeding, which is the characteristic to plants is called

Holophytic nutrition

15 X-rays were discovered by

Wilhelm Roentgen

16 The cells of a woody stem which are most important for the growth in thickness are called

Combium cells

17 The rules to prove that specific germs causes a specific disease were suggested by


18 The real image formed by a convex lens

May be either larger or smaller than the object

19 Anthropology means

Mental and physical state of mankind

20 What are the first plants to establish on bare rock?



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21 The deoxygenated blood from the body is brought to the

Right auricle

22 The digestive juice produced in the ileum is called

Succus entericus

23 The cells which are important for mechanical support are called

Dead Xylem Tissue

24 The fact that bacteria do not originate by spontaneous generation was proved by


25 The ultimate source of solar energy is


26 The rear view mirror in car is

Convex mirror

27 The plants which are sensitive to colour are called


28 As the amount of oxygen reduces, the number of red blood cells


29 The name given to flowers in which the Pistil ripen before the stamen is

Protogynous flowers

30 The enzyme pepsin digests


31 Sir Isaac Newton predicted that the earth could not be perfectly round because

It is rotating

32 Hydrogen Bomb is based upon

Uncontrolled fusion

33 An object in equilibrium

May be accelerating

34 The velocity of sound in water at 9 C is

1435 m/s

35 The recorder records sound in the form of

Variable resistance on the tape

36 The region from which a leaf springs is called the


37 Respiration in plants and animals is


38 Overcoming gravity can be compared to

Climbing out of pit

39 Heat energy passes from

Hotter to colder body

40 Air contains what percentage of Oxygen?


41 What is Humus?

Decomposed animal and vegetable matter

42 In case of oxidation one thing is common. It produces ___________ and gives it off. This is an extremely useful thing.


43 What is the blackboard chalk made of?


44 The three main classes of human foods are

Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins

45 The chemical process within the body connected with the breaking and building of organic compounds is known as


46 Fungi are called simple plants because they

Do not have root, stem and leaves

47 Mushrooms are


48 When our body perspire, it

Cools the body

49 In the body, salt is eliminated mainly by


50 A defect in lens due to the dispersion of light is called


51 At Absolute Zero Temperature

All molecules come to rest and have zero energy

52 Morphine is an


53 The principal organ concerned in the loss of heat from the body is


54 The condition in which the eyes are weak and tire easily is called


55 The roofs of houses in hot countries are often made of corrugated steel. This is because the steel

Reflects the sun’s heat

56 Henry is the unit of

Both self and mutual inductance

57 Lack of Vitamin A causes

Poor night vision

58 If a star emitting yellow light starts moving towards the earth, its colour as seen from the earth will

Turn gradually blue

59 The act of sneezing is an attempt by the body to expel air to get rid of the

Irritating bodies

60 Who was the father of medicine?


61 Who started vaccination?

Edward Jenner

62 The three means of transfer of heat from hotter to colder body are

Conduction, Convection and Radiation

63 A German chemist and physicist who is considered as the father of Atom Bomb is

Otto Hahn

64 What is the temperature of the surface of the sun?

11,000 F

65 Dew occurs when temperature of the cool surface drops below a certain level or point. What is it called?


66 Which is the most common and popular industrial fuel?


67 Which gas is used to help people suffer from Asthma to breathe better?

Helium gas

68 A Proton is heavier than


69 Energy is obtained by splitting the atom. But do you know where does in the atom energy resides?

In the core

70 A radiator will emit the most heat if it is


71 The sensitive of a moving coil galvanometer can be increased by

Increasing the number of turns of the coil

72 Poikilothermic means


73 Cervix is a ring of muscles closing the lower end of uterus where it

Joins the vagina

74 Which device is used as a particle accelerator?


75 The unit of luminous efficiency of electric bulb is


76 Fish is the best source of


77 Insulin is secreted by


78 The blood system of man is


79 With increase in temperature, the viscosity of

Gases increases and liquids decreases

80 As the velocity of particle increases, its mass


81 The part of the total gravitational force which is required to constrain a body to move in a circular path is called

Centripetal force

82 Leukaemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in nuber of

White Blood Cells

83 The life functions that a virus apparently performs are

Respiration and Reproduction

84 As the gradient of a stream increase, its ability to carry materials


85 Out of the following radiations the maximum energy of Photons is with

X Rays

86 In a semi-conductor, mobility of holes is

Equal to that for electrons

87 An object is projected upwards with a velocity of 100 M/S. It will strike the ground in about

20 Seconds

88 What will be the main source of energy for mankind in distant future?

Atomic Energy

89 The Telephone was invented by

Graham Bell

90 Those colours that are obtained by mixing some other colours are called

Secondary colours

91 What colour do we see in a room where there is no light?

No colour at all

92 An aeroplane is said to have crossed the sound barrier if it travels at or beyond a certain speed. What is this speed per hour?

750 miles/hour

93 How many kinds Friction has?

Two (2)

94 The TWO kinds of Friction are

Sliding and Rolling friction

95 Friction between the substances of same kind is


96 Coal is the remains of

Ancient animals and plants

97 Pure Silver does nit tarnish in pure air. When it turns black that is a sign that there is _______ in the air.


98 Planets of the Solar System shines with the light of

The sun

99 The stars twinkles because of

The disturbances in the atmosphere of different densities

100 The Two personalities that invented submarine are

Drebbel and D. Bushnell



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