General Science MCQs Part V

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General Science MCQs Part V

1 Detailed weather forecast can be accurately up to

Two (2) days

2 Polarized glass is used in sunglass because

It reduces the light intensity to half on account of Polarization

3 Athlete’s foot is caused by a


4 The branch of biology that deals with cell structure is called


5 Sweat glands occur in greatest number in the skin of the

Palm of the hand

6 Charmed particle referred to

An exotic nuclear particle

7 Compton effect is associated to


8 The lungs are two thin walled elastic sacs lying in the


9 Ampere hour is a unit of

Quantity of electricity

10 A patient of Scurvy has problems of

Bleeding gums, Anaemia and Debility

11 Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of

Vitamin C

12 The complex regulatory system that controls and regulate body temperature in human body is located in

The brain

13 Evaporation causes


14 The blood has been divided into

Four major groups

15 If two unlike blood groups are mixed, the blood gets


16 Cuckoo is a

Blood parasite

17 The longest living animal is


18 Whale has descended from ancestors that lived on

The sea-bed

19 Who invented telescope?


20 How many sets of teeth a human grows?

Two (2)


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21 Which planet of the Solar System has the shortest year?


22 Will the sun of our Solar System ever cool down?

Yes, in the billions of years from now

23 Gypsum is a

Non-metallic mineral

24 A good quantity of Gypsum is used in the manufacturing of


25 Samuel Hahnemann was the father of


26 The colour of light that travel with minimum speed through glass is


27 The amplification factor of a triode depends upon

Plate resistance

28 The humerus and scapula form

Ball and Socket joint

29 Euglena reproduces by

Binary fission

30 A thermos bottle keeps a liquid hot because

Heat losses by convection and radiation are largely prevented

31 The trachea opens into the


32 The photoelectric effect proves that light is

In the form of quanta

33 Essential parts of a television receiver are

A cathode ray tube

34 The small structure growing on the roofs of a legume are called


35 Insulin was discovered by

F.G. Banting

36 Diamond is the purest, crystalline form of


37 The art of photographing a moving object and then projecting it on the screen in a series of picture in a quick succession giving an appearance of movement of the object is


38 Bamboo is a


39 Anaemia is a body condition when there is

A mark reduction of Red Blood Cells in the blood

40 Moon has a diameter of

3,456 km

41 Anti-body is a substance that has

Specific capacity of neutralizing a toxin

42 Epidemic is a disease that breaks out over an extensive area in

An infectious manner

43 Acoustics is the science that everything to do with


44 Taxidermy is the art of

Preserving the animal skin

45 The force that pulls a thing outward while rotating is called

Centrifugal force

46 A man carries a bucket of water in his left hand leans

Towards his right hand

47 Total internal reflection occur when a light passes from

A denser to a rare medium

48 Decible is a measure of

Sound level

49 As the density of a liquid increases the height at which it stands in a barometer tube


50 The energy generation in stars is due to

Fusion of light nuclei

51 The lens of the eye is behind the


52 Which organism generally makes their own food?


53 Images produced by plane mirror are

Virtual, erect and the same size

54 Groundnuts are rich in Vitamin


55 Respiration is

The obtaining of energy as result of chemical changes within the organism

56 The reflection of an electric room heater is most effective if it is


57 A body falling vertically under gravitational force moves with a uniform


58 Which continent is native to Cola seeds?


59 If three or four drops of black paint is added to a quantity of white paint, it will make the paint looks


60 Most of our food, fuels, drugs, plastic and perfumes are the product of

Carbon compound

61 A light year represents no time but

Actually distance

62 A light year is the distance

Light covers in one year

63 One light years is equal to

Six million miles

64 Human race gets more food from ________ than any other single substance.


65 A triangular glass used for the dispersion of light into its seven constituent colours is called


66 How much blood a normal healthy person has?

10 Pints

67 A two inch pipe gives ________ times of water than that given by one inch pipe.


68 Inoculation means injecting into the body

The live germs of the same disease

69 The science that concerns itself with the study of the physics of the upper atmosphere is


70 Soft Iron has

High permeability

71 Emission line spectrum will be obtained from

Sodium lamp

72 The Malpighian layer of the skin is

A continuous layer of the cells

73 A Vacuole has

A mixture of different substances dissolved in water

74 During the compression of the refrigerant gas in an electric refrigerator, the temperature of the gas


75 The plants that do not die after producing flower and seeds but persists season to season, though with a reduced growth during dry season are called

Perennial plants

76 The development of Electron Microscope has now made it possible to observe

A Virus

77 Mercury is used in thermometer because it

Expands uniformly

78 Excretion is the

Removal nitrogenous waste material of the body

79 The science which deals with study of fossils plants is known as


80 The illumination of the earth by the sun is greater at noon because

The rays are less brighter at noon

81 When sun light falls on a soap hubble, bright bands of colour are seen. This is caused by


82 What is known to be the first metal discovered by man?


83 One of the nine planets of the Solar System that has three rings around it is


84 The idea of motion pictures was propounded by

T.A. Edison

85 Lungs are concerned with

Respiratory system

86 We prefer White Clothes in summer because they

Reflects the heat away

87 Topography is a science of

Physical features of a particular area

88 Study of chemical substances and chemical processes of living things is called


89 The science dealing with life or a possibility of life on  planets other than earth is


90 Meteorology is the study of phenomena of

Atmosphere for weather forecast

91 The instrument used for the measurement of the gaseous pressure is called


92 A resonating column of air contains

Stationary longitudinal waves

93 Sound energy is converted into electrical energy in a


94 Some artificial satellites are equipped with solar cells. These solar cells

Convert light energy to electrical energy

95 Rising and setting sun appears to be reddish because

Of scattering of red light due to dust particles and air molecules

96 Passage of materials through the membrane of a cells is


97 The process by which cell receive oxygen and dispose carbon dioxide is called

External respiration

98 The tree which is famous for its bark source of the drug quinine is


99 A beam of light is best diffuse by a

Rough white surface

100 The science of the study of birds is called




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