Glaciers MCQs

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Glaciers MCQs

1 What is the world biggest glacier?

Lambert Glacier in Antarctica

2 What is the most famous glacier?

Perito Moreno Glacier

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3What is the largest glacier in Asia?

Siachen Glacier

4 What is the world largest glacier?

Lambert Glacier

5 What is the longest non polar glacier in the world?

Fedchenko Glacier (Tajikistan)

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6 Which is the second largest non-polar glacier in the world?

Siachen Glacier (India/Pakistan)

7 What is the third longest non polar glacier in the world?

Biafo Glacier (Pakistan)

8 Which is largest glacier in world?

Lambert Glacier in Antarctica

9 What is the largest glacier in India?

Siachen Glacier

10 Which is the smallest glacier in the world?

Gem Glacier (USA)

11 Which is the only continent that does not presently have glaciers?


12 How many glaciers are in Pakistan?


13 Which continent is home to the largest ice cap in the world?


14 Where is biggest glacier outside of Antarctica?

Siachen Glacier

15 Does Australia have glaciers?


16 Which country has most glaciers in the world?

Pakistan (Washington Post)


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