Global Warming MCQs

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Global Warming MCQs

1 Which is the most harmful greenhouse gas?

Carbon dioxide and Methane

2 What do you mean by ozone depletion?

Reduction of Ozone layer in Stratosphere

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3 What are the chief greenhouse gases?

Carbon dioxide and Methane

4 Which is the chief ozone depletion gas?


5 When was the ozone hole discovered?

16 May 1985

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6 When was the first climate change summit?

12-23 February 1979

7 Where was the first climate change summit held?


8 When was Kyoto Protocol adopted?

December 11, 1997

9 Where was Kyoto Protocol adopted?

Kyoto (Japan)

10 When Kyoto Protocol entered into force?

February 16, 2005

11 Where and when was COP 24 held?

Katowice (Poland), 2018

12 Where and when was COP 23 held?

Bonn (Germany), 2017

13 What is COP 25?

The 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC

14 Where will COP 25 be held?


15 When will COP 25 be held?

11-22 November 2019

16 Where was first Earth Summit took place?

Rio de Janerio (Brazil)

17 When was first Earth Summit took place?

3-14 June 1992

18 First Earth Summit is also called

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

19 When was UNFCCC adopted?

May 9, 1992

20 Where was COP 1 held?

Berlin (Germany)

21 When was COP 1 held?


22 What is COP climate change?

Formal meeting of UNFCCC parties


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