Hajj Info And Introduction MCQs

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Hajj Info And Introduction MCQs

1 Hajj literally means

To intend

2 Hajj also means

A sacred journey

3 When Hajj was become obligatory?

9th Hijry

4 How many times the command of Hajj has been given in the Noble Quran?

One (Plz Check)

5 The command of Hajj has been given in which surah?

Surah Al Imran

Types Of Hajj MCQs

6 When first Hajj was performed?

9th Hijry

7 Under whose leadership the first Hajj was performed?

Abu Bakar Sadiq (RA)

8 How many Hajj the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed in His life?


9 When the Prophet (PBUH) did performed Hajj?

10TH Hijry

10 How many animals sacrifice did Prophet (PBUH) had performed?

63 camels

11 How many Umrah did Prophet (PBUH) performed?


12 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed first Umrah?

 6th Hijri

13 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed second Umrah?

7th Hijri

14 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed third Umrah?

8th Hijri

15 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed fourth Umrah?

10th Hijri

16 One Twafa of Kaba is called?


17 Tawaf begins from?


18 The first ever Hajj was performed by?

Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Eva (Hawa)

19 In Hajj there are how many obligations?


20 How many undesirable acts of Ihram are there?


21 How many permitted acts of Ihram are there?


22 Prohibition and restrictions of Ihram are?


23 The first and important step before the start of Hajj and Umrah is?

Taking on Ihram

24 Hajj in Islam is?

The 5th fundamental pillar

25 There are how many Sunnah in Hajj?


26 Imam Abu Hanifa called Hajj?

The greatest worship

27 Who is Muhrim?

Who have wear Ihram


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