Historical Places Of Pakistan MCQs

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Historical Places Of Pakistan MCQs

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1 The national monument of Pakistan is


2 Minar-e-Pakistan is also called


3 Minar-e-Pakistan was designed by

Nasreddin Murat Khan

4 Who was Nasreddin Murat Khan?

A Russian born Pakistani Architect and engineer

5 The construction of Minar-e-Pakistan started on

23rd March 1960

6 The construction of Minar-e-Pakistan was completed on

21 October 1968

7 Minar-e-Pakistan is constructed on the site of

March 23, 1940 Pakistan resolution

8 The total height of Minar-e-Pakistan is

62 meters

9 Minar-e-Pakistan is located in

Lahore (Punjab)

10 Jinnah Mausoleum is also called


11 Jinnah Mausoleum is also called

National Mausoleum

12 The design of Jinnah Mausoleum was prepared by

Yahya Merchant

13 Who was Yahya Merchant?

An Indian Farsi architect

14 Jinnah Mausoleum was opened for public on

2nd June 1970

15 Jinnah Mausoleum is located in

Karachi (Sindh)

16 The Badshahi Mosque is also called

The Emperor’s Mosque

17 Badshahi Mosque was built in


18 Badshahi Mosque was built by

Emperor Aurangzeb

19 The capacity of Badshahi Mosque for worshipers is


20 Badshahi Mosque is the

2nd Largest Mosque of Pakistan

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21 The architect of Badshahi Mosque was

Nawab Zain Yar Jhang Bahadur

22 Faisal Mosque is Pakistan’s

Largest Mosque

23 The capacity of Faisal Mosque for worshipers is


24 The construction of Faisal Mosque was started in


25 The construction of Faisal Mosque completed in


26 The design of Faisal Mosque was prepared by

Vedat Dalokay

27 Who was Vedat Dalokay?

Turkish architect

28 Faisal Mosque is located in


29 The Lahore Fort is also called

Royal Fort

30 The Lahore Fort another name is

Shahi Qila

31 The Lahore Fort was entirely rebuilt in

17th Century

32 Lahore Fort is located in

Lahore (Punjab)

33 Hiran Minar is located in


34 Hiran Minar was built by

Nuruddin Baig Muhammad Khan Salim

35 Noor Mahal is located in

Bahawalpur (Punjab)

36 Noor Mahal was built in


37 Noor Mahal was built by

Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV

38 Wazir Khan Mosque was built in


39 Wazir Khan Mosque was built by

Sheikh Ilmuddin Ansari

40 Who was Shaikh Ilmuddin Ansari?

Viceroy of Punjab under Shah Jehan

41 Rohtas Fort was built by

Sher Shah Suri

42 Sher Shah Suri built Rohtas Fort in

16th Century

43 Iqbal tomb is located in the

Hazuri Bagh, Lahore

44 Punnu Fort is located in

Turbat, Balochistan

45 Punnu Fort dates back to

6000-8000 BC

46 Mehrgarh is a

Neolithic site

47 Mehrgarh dates back to

7000-2500 BCE

48 Mehrgarh is located in

Quetta, Balochistan



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