Human History MCQs

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Human History MCQs

1 How long have humans been on the earth?

200,000 years (modern human race)

2 Where did humans first appear on Earth?


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3 How old is Lucy the first human?

3.2 million years

4 How long has there been life on Earth?

App. 3.8 billion years

5 What color was the first human?


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6 How old is the human race?

App. 200,000 years

7 How old is the first human fossil?

177,000 years

8 When did dinosaurs exist?

66 million years ago

9 Who started civilization?


10 How old is Lucy the first human?

3.2 billion years

11 What caused dinosaur extinction?

Impact of a massive comet or asteroid 10 to 15 km wide


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