Hurdling Women Empowerment; Men or Women

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Hurdling Women Empowerment; Men or Women

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Article By: Rida Zainab Kharal

I wonder why our society is so stagnant about women.Why misogyny , in one form or the other exits in every mind? A girl child is mostly an ”unwanted child” , later a burden to the family that has to be married off (bojh).Then come the in-laws teaching a girl, everything again, how she has to wear, eat , react and socialize–with a never ending list of dos and don’ts. Children that she brings to life be on the same line as the patriarchs are on. Grave is the only place whereshe finds peace. 
The reason, widely accepted, is patriarchy.
However, I slightly differ.

Islamic Versus Western Feminism

Apologies to the feminists criticizing only the patriarchs.
Who consoles parents of a girl the most? Women.
Who are the aunties shaming lasses over their looks? Women.
Who inquires the most about marrying off daughters and making idiotic rumors about them? Women.
Who supports a husband the most torture his wife, be it psychologically or physically, until she is on the ‘right’ track?Women.
Who are the ones who spoil the new generations the most by poisoning their ears about their mommies? Women.
The patriarchs might let women find peace in grave, but do the women gossiping let her do so?

The Root Causes Of Gender Base Violence

Who has made patriarchy so strong? Women!
Awareness, I believe, is not needed more in men than in women. Femmes of the world, empower your faction, your generations, your surrounding only after you empower your mind, without which the exploitation in the hands of the patriarchs will never end. Before they teach you how to wear your Dupatta, teach them to lower their gaze when they see a woman. Before they teach you the rules of slavery,break the cage of self hatred in your mind that the generic inferiority complex has initiated. Time is now ripe, teach them that we, women, deserve much better than what they consider to be sufficient for us. Let’s be a woman of future who celebrates birth of a daughter, celebrate everyday of her growth, their economic empowerment, raise them to rule than to be ruled, the world is there, standing with open arms, inviting you to rule.
Let there be empowerment.
Men and women have failed, let the empowering one’s take over.

Star Crossed Children


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