Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists

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Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists


1 When was Al Beruni born?

September 5, 973 AD

2 Where was Al Beruni born?


3 From where Al Beruni was?


4 What was the full and real name of Al Beruni?

Abū Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Al-Bīrūnī

5 Al Beruni was a prolific writer. How many books he had written?

150 books

6 What was the most famous book of Al Beruni?

Qanoon Al Masudi

7 Who devised method for the determination of Latitude and Longitude of a place?

 Al Beruni

8 When was Al Beruni passed away?

1050 AD

9 Where was Al Biruni passed away?

Ghazni, Afghanistan

10 When was Zakariya Al Razi born?

854 AD

11 Who was Al Razi?

Great Surgeon of the Muslim world

12 Who used Opium as anesthesia for the first time?

Al Razi

13 Into how many groups, Al Razi had classified substances to?

Living and non-living things

14 Al Razi also devised method for the preparation of alcohol through


15 Where was Al Razi born?

Ray, Iran

16 What was the full and real name of Al Razi?

Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyyā al-Rāzī

17 When was Zakariya Al Razi died?

15th October 925 AD

18 Where was Al Razi buried?

Ray, Iran

19 When was Ibne Sina born?

August 22, 980 AD

20 Where was Ibne Sina born?

Afshana near Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

21 What is the name of Abu Ali Ibne Sina’s most famous book?

Al Qanun

22 What is English name of Ibne Sina?


23 What was the full and real name of Ibne Sina?

Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn al-Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī ibn Sīnā

24 When was Ibne Sina died?

June 21st, 1037 AD

25 Where did Ibne Sina passed away?

Hamadan, Iran

26 When was Jabir Ibn Hayyan born?

721 AD

27 Where was Jabir Ibn Hayyan born?

Tous, Iran

28 What was the full and real name of Jabir Ibn Hayyan?

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān

29 In West, Jabir Ibn Hayyan is known with the name of


30 Which Muslim scientist is called the father of Modern Chemistry?

Jabir Ibn Hayyan

31 Aside from Chemistry, Jabir Ibn Hayyan also contributed to which field?


32 When was Jabir Ibn Hayyan died?

25th December 815 AD

33 Where was Jabir Ibn Hayyan passed away?

Kufa, Iraq

34 When was Abdul Ali Hassan Ibn Al Haitham born?

1st July 965 AD

35 Where was Ibn al Haytham born?

Basra, Iraq

36 What is the name of Ibnal Haitham’s most famous book

Kitab ul manazir

37 Ibnal Haitham described the nature of light and vision in which book?

Kitab ul Manazir

38 The function of human eye has been described for the first time in which book?

Kitab ul Manazir

39 Who elaborated for the first time the two laws of reflection of light?

Ibnal Haitham

40 Who invented Pinhole Camera?

Ibanl Haitham

41 Ibnal Haitham also studied and discussed the

formation of images

42 Where was Ibnal Haitham born?


43 What was the full and real name of Ibnal Haytham?

Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham

44 When was Ibnal Haitham passed away?

March 6th , 1040 AD

45 Where was Ibanl Haytham passed away?

Cairo, Egypt

46When and where was Muhammad Bin Musa Khwarizmi born?

In 780 AD in Khwarizim

47 Musa Khwarzmi was a member of which famous institution?

Bait ul Hikma

48 Bait ul Hikma was constructed by

Mamun ur Rashid

49 In how many monographs, Musa Khwarizmi most important work was published?

Two Monographs

50 What are the names of Two Monographs of Khwarizmi?

Hisab and Aljibra Wal Muqabala

51 The decimal system, used today all over the world was introduced by

Musa Khwarizmi

52 For solving algebraic problems, geometrical constructions were used for the first time by

Musa Khwarizmi

53 When was Musa Khwarizmi passed away?

850 AD

54 Where was Musa Khwarzmi died?

Baghdad, Iraq

55 When was Abul Wafa Muhammad Al Buzjani born?

10th June 940 AD

56 Where was Al Buzjani born?

Buzjan, Iran

57 Al Buzjani contributed mainly to

Geometry and Trigonometry

58 Al Buzjani also noted and explained the movements of


59 When was Al Buzjani died?

July 15th , 998 AD

60 Where was Al Buzjani died?

Baghdad, Iraq

61 When was Omar Al Khayyam born?

18th May, 1044 AD

62 Where was Al Khayyam born?

Nishapur, Iran

63 Who for the first time solved Binomial Theorem?

Omar Al Khayyam

64 Who introduced Jalali calendar?

Omar Al Khayyam

65 In how many total years, the Jalali Calendar has an error of one day?

3770 years

66 On whose invitation, Omar Al Khayyam had introduced the Jalali Calendar?

Sultan Jalal ud Din

67 Method for the accurate determination of specific gravity was also developed

Omar Al Khayyam

68 Which Muslim scientist is also famous for his poetry?

Omar Al Khayyam

69 Who translated Omar Al Khayyam’s poetry?


70 When was Omar al Khayyam died?

December 4th, 1131 AD

71 When was Nasir ud Din Muhammad Bin Hassan Tusi born?

995 AD

72 Where was Hassan Tusi born?

Tous, Iran

73 What was the full and real name of Hassan Tusi?

Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Hassan Tusi

74 Whose minister Tusi was?

Halaku Khan

75 Who developed the Tables of Khan?

Hassan Tusi

76 What the Tables of Khan are about?

Motion of Planets

77 When was Hassan Tusi passed away?

1067 AD

78 Where was Hassan Tusi died?

Najaf, Iraq

79 The other name of Hassan Tusi is

Shaykh al-Taʾifah or Shay’kh Tusi

80 When was Abdul Malik Asma’i born?

740 AD

81 Where was Abdul Malik Asma’i born?

Basra, Iraq

82 The total number number of most famous book written by Abdul Malik Asma’i are

Five (5)

83 The famous books of Asmani are

Al Kheil, Al Ibil, As Shat, Al Wahoosh and Khalaqul Insan

84 What Al Kheil is about


85 What Al Ibil is about


86 What As Shat is about


87 What Al Wahoosh is about

Wild Animals

88 What Khalaqul Insan is about

Human body

89 What was the full name of Al Asma’i?

Abd al-Malik ibn Quraib as-Aṣmaʿī

90 When was Abd al-Malik ibn Quraib as-Aṣmaʿī passed away?

828 AD

91 Where Al Asma’i passed away?

Basra, Iraq

92 Another very famous book of Al Asmai is


93 When was Ali Bin Rabban Tubri born?

838 AD

94 Where was Ali Bin Rabban Tubri born?

Merv, Turkmenistan

95 What is the name of  famous book of Ali Bin Rabban Tubri?

Firdaus ul Hikma

96 When was Ali Bin Rabban Tubri passed away?

870 AD

97 Where Ali Bin Rabban Tubri died?

Baghdad, Iraq

98 When was Yaqub Kindi born?

Around 800 AD

99 Where was Al Kindi born?

Kufa, Iraq

100 The most important work of Yaqub Kindi was on

The reflection of light

101 Who for the first time discussed music from scientific point of view?

Yaqub Kindi

102 Where was Yaqub Kindi born?


103 What was the full and real name of Yaqub Kindi?

Abu Yūsuf Yaʻqūb ibn ʼIsḥāq aṣ-Ṣabbāḥ al-Kindī

104 When Yaqub Kindi died?

873 AD

105 Where was Yaqub Kindi died?

Baghdad, Iraq

106 When was Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan born?

1st April 1936

107 Where was Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan born?

Bhopal, India

108 When was Dr. Abdus Salam born?

January 29, 1926 AD

109 Where was Dr. Abdus Salam born?

Jhang, Pakistan

110 hen was Dr. Abdus Salam awarded Nobel Prize?

1979 AD

111 For which work Dr. Abdus Salam was awarded Nobel Prize?

Theory of Subatomic N particles and unification of forces

112 When Dr. Abdus Salam died?

21st November 1996 AD

113 Where Dr. Abdus Salam died?

Oxford, United Kingdom

114 When was Dr. Abdul Kalam born?

October 15th, 1931

115 Where was Dr. Abdul Kalam born?

Rameswaram, India

116 What was the full name of Dr. Abdul Kalam?

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

117 Dr. Abdul Kalam remained the 11th President of India from

2002 to 2007

118 When Dr. Abdul Kalam died?

July 27, 2015

119 Where Dr. Abdul Kalam died?

Shilong, India



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