Indo-Pak History MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part III

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Indo-Pak History MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part III

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1 Who drafted rules and regulations of Muslim League?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

2 The rules and regulations drafted by Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar were contained in a brochure called

Green Book

3 Where the first central office of Muslim League was setup?


4 When the first regular session of the Muslim League was held?

29th and 30th December 1907

5 Where the first regular session of the Muslim League was held?


6 Who presided over the first session of the Muslim League?

Sir Adamjee Phir Bhai

7 Who was Nawab Muzamil-ullah Khan?

Joint secretary of Aligarh College

8 After Sir Agha Khan who was appointed as the president of Muslim League?

Raja of Mehmoodabad

9 Which association merged into the Muslim League?

Muhammadan Association

10 When Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan became the secretary of All India Muslim League?


11 Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Muslim League held in London on 6th May 1908?

Syed Ameer Ali

12 Who became the Governor General of British India in 1910?

Lord Hardinge

13 When the demand for separate electorate was put forward by the Muslim League?


14 In which reforms the demand of separate electorate was incorporated?

Minto-Morley Reforms

15 The acceptance of demand for appointment of Muslim Judges was also incorporated in

Minto-Morley Reforms

16 Minto-Morley reforms were introduced in India in


17 The purpose of Hindu Mahasabbha was

To eliminate Muslims

18 Which Hindu supported separate electorate?

Mr. S.P. Sinha

19 Which branch of All India Muslim League mad earnest efforts to bring home to the British government the necessity of conceding separate electorate?

London branch

20 Which Hindu organization had emerged in the Hindu politics with a highly prejudicial concept of nationalism?

Hindu Mahasabbha

21 Which Hindu organization believed that Muslims should be eliminated from the Indian society?

Hindu Mahasabbha

22 Indian Council’s Act of 1909 is also known as

Minto-Morley Reforms

23 Who was Lord Morley?

Secretary of State for India

24 Under which Act, the imperial and provincial councils were enlarged in size?

Indian Council’s Act 1909

25 Which reforms conferred on the Muslims the double vote?

Chelmsford Reforms

26 Which reforms initially created a great deal of awareness among Indian people?

Minto-Morley Reforms

27 A deputation met Lord Minto in 1909 for separate electorate for Muslims headed by

Sir Agha Khan

28 How many people were killed in Kanpur incident in 1913?


29 Which government demolished Mosque in 1913?

British government of India

30 What stand was taken by the British Government to justify its act of demolishing the mosque place where ablution was performed?

Washing place is not the sacred part of a Mosque

31 When Lord Hardinge, in order to pacify the Muslims feelings visited the Kanpur?

14th October 1913

32 When some prominent Muslim leaders appeared on the Congress platform at Kanpur to declare that the time was coming when both Hindu and Muslims should stand side by side?

December 1912

33 Where on 31st December 1912, a meeting of the Muslim League was held?


34 On 31st December 1912, a meeting of the Muslim League was held under the Chairmanship of

Agha Khan

35 Who gave the title ‘‘Mahatma Gandhi’’ to Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi?

Rabinder Nath Tigore

36 All India Muslim League changed its constitution in 1913, which paved the way for Congress and League to come closer. What was reason(s) behind this change?

W.W I, Demolition of Mosque in Kanpur and so on

37 Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in


38 Who attended both the council meeting of Muslim League and Lucknow Session of 1913 as a special guest?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

39 Whose inclusion in the Muslim League was the historic event which gave a new dimension to Muslim League Political struggle?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

40 Where annual session of Congress was held in 1913?


41 When first time in the History of India, joint session of Muslim League and Congress was held?

December 1916

42 Who was called the ‘True Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity’?


43 When Congress and Muslim League made agreement on Constitutional Reforms?


44 The Constitutional Reforms agreement reached between Congress and Muslim League is called

Lucknow Pact

45 Lucknow Pact was concluded between Muslim League and Congress in


46 In which pact the Hindus and Muslims agreed for separate electorate for Muslims?

Lucknow Pact

47 Punjab Muslim League was headed by

Mian Muhammad Shafi

48 Quaid-e-Azam signed Lucknow Pact on behalf of Muslim League. Who signed on behalf of Congress?

Ambeka Charan Mojam Dar

49 Why the Bengali Muslims opposed Lucknow Pact?

Their majority in the Provincial Legislature turned into minority

50 How many seats were agreed in Lucknow Pact for Muslims in the Central Legislatutre?



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51 The Lucknow Pact was the culmination of Quaid’s persistent efforts for the unity of


52 The constitutional features of Lucknow Pact were incorporated in which Act?

Government of India Act, 1919

Which pact was accepted by the Congress and Muslim League to lay the foundation of a permanent united action against the British?

Lucknow Pact

53 Who headed the committee appointed to suggest ways and means to crush political conspiracies against the Government?

  1. A. Rowlatt

54 The political leaders of India declared which report as criminal?

Rowlatt Report

55 Who resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council in sheer protest against the Rowlatt Act?


56 When the Rowlatt Bill was presented before the Imperial Legislative Council, how many non-official members voted against it?

23 Members

57 Who ordered the police to fire on crowed gathered in Jallianwala Bagh?

General Dyer

58 The people gathered in Jallianwala Bagh were protesting against which Act?

Rowlatt Act

59 The committee headed by Rowlatt presented its report to the government in


60 After Jallianwala Bagh trgedy, in which province of the United India, martial law was imposed?


61 When Edwin Montague made an announcement of new policy for India in the House of Commons?

20th August 1917

62 Who was Edwin Montague?

Secretary of State

63 Mr. Montague prepared a scheme of which reforms, which he presented to the government for approval?

Constitutional reforms

64 After approval by the Government, the scheme was enforced as

Government of India Act 1919

65 Government of India Act is also known as

Montague-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919

66 Who was Chelmsford?

Viceroy of India

67 Act of 1919, provided which type of legislature at the centre


68 Before Bicameral legislature, which type was in practice in India?

Imperial Legislative Council consisting of one house

69 According to the Act of 1919, the term of Central Assembly was

3 Years

70 According to the Act of 1919, the term of the council of State was

5 Years

71 Under which Act, the system of direct elections was prescribed for both the Houses?

Act of 1919

72 Under which Act the Governor General was given the power to Summon?

Act of 1919

73 Which Act introduced Dyarchy?

Act of 1919

74 The system of Dyarchy was in operation from

1921 to 1937

75 What was the reaction of Muslim League in respect of Dyarchy system?

Muslim League declared it unacceptable

76 Which political party rejected Montague Reforms?


77 Which political party boycotted the elections to be held under Montague Reforms?

Muslim League

78 Which political party participated in the elections of 1920 held under the 1919 Act and took office as ministers in the most of the provinces of subcontinent?

National Liberal

79 When National Liberals came into existence in Sub-continent?


80 Why Congress and Muslim League were against the Montague-Chelmsford Reforms Act 1919?

The reforms concede far less than the Lucknow Pact had demanded

81 For the protection of the institution of Khilafat, Muslims of the Sub-Continent organized themselves under the leadership of

Hakim Aajmal and Dr, M. A. Ansari

82 Under Hakim Ajmal and Dr, Ansari, which conference was held?


83 When Khilafat conference declared that Muslims of India would not take part in peace celebrations if their demands were not conceded by the Government?

24th December 1918

84 When the Deputation headed by Dr.  M. A. Ansari met the Viceroy to appraise him of the sentiments of the Indian people with regard to the dismemberment of Turkey?

19th January 1920

85 When almost fifteen thousand Muslims assembled in Bombay and initially Khilafat Committee was formed?

20th March 1919

86 Who was elected first president of Khilafat Committee?

Seth Jan Muhammad Chotteni

87 When it was decided to set up a nationwide organization known as the All India Khilafat Committee?

5th July 1919

88 Who was appointed as the first secretary of All India Khilafat Committee?

Maulana Shaukat Ali

89 Which member of Khilafat delegation was to present the Muslims point of view on political matters during the visit to the European Countries?

Maulana Shaukat Ali

90 Which member of the Khilafat delegation was to explain the Muslim conception of Khilafat from religious point of view during their visit to European countries?

Sayed Sulaiman Nadvi

91 What was the name of the Magazine which was started from London to project the views of Khilafat delegations?

Muslim Outlook

92 Who was British Prime Minister with whom the Khilafat delegation held a meeting which proved useless?

Lord George

93 The Hindus under whose leadership came forward with their full support for Khilafat Movenment?


94 When Congress at a special session adopted the Non-Cooperation programme and later, reaffirmed at Nagpur session?

December 1920

95 Which Muslim leader was not in favour of Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation programme?


96 When Quaid-e-Azam resigned from the Congress Party membership?

13th April 1920

97 When did Jamiat-ul-Ulma-i-Hind convene a meeting at the end of which the Fatwa of Tark-i-Mawalaat was issued?

6th September 1920

98 What happened as a result of Fatwa-e-Tark-e-Mawalaat?

Educated Hindus and Muslims left government jobs

99 Who issued Fatwa that India was a Dar-ul-Harb?

Maulana Abdul Kalam and Maulana Abdul Bari

100 Who declared the British government as an infidel government which no longer be obeyed?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar





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