Islamic Studies MCQs (Hajj)

We have collected the following MCQs of Islamic Studies regarding Hajj with great effort and have tried to avoid any kind of mistake but still if you find any mistake please inform us by quoting mistake in the comments section.


1 Hajj literally means

To intend

2 Hajj also means

A sacred journey

3 When Hajj was become obligatory?

9th Hijry

4 How many times the command of Hajj has been given in the Noble Quran?

One (Plz Check)

5 The command of Hajj has been given in which surah?

Surah Al Imran

6 When first Hajj was performed?

9th Hijry

7 Under whose leadership the first Hajj was performed?

Abu Bakar Sadiq (RA)

8 How many Hajj the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed in His life?


9 When the Prophet (PBUH) did performed Hajj?

10TH Hijry

10 How many animals sacrifice did Prophet (PBUH) had performed?

63 camels

11 How many Umrah did Prophet (PBUH) performed?


12 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed first Umrah?

 6th Hijri

13 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed second Umrah?

7th Hijri

14 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed third Umrah?

8th Hijri

15 When Prophet (PBUH) did performed fourth Umrah?

10th Hijri

16 One Twafa of Kaba is called?


17 Tawaf begins from?


18 The first ever Hajj was performed by?

Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Eva (Hawa)

19 In Hajj there are how many obligations?


20 How many undesirable acts of Ihram are there?


21 How many permitted acts of Ihram are there?


22 Prohibition and restrictions of Ihram are?


23 The first and important step before the start of Hajj and Umrah is?

Taking on Ihram

24 Hajj in Islam is?

The 5th fundamental pillar

25 There are how many Sunnah in Hajj?


26 Imam Abu Hanifa called Hajj?

The greatest worship

27 Who is Muhrim?

Who have wear Ihram

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Types Of Hajj

28 There are how many kinds of Hajj?


29 What are the three types of Hajj?

Ifrad, Qiran and Tamattu

30 What is Hajj Ifrad?

When Hajj is performed without Umrah

31 Who can perform Hajj Ifrad?

The residents of Makkah

32 What is Hajj Qiran?

When Umrah is performed before Hajj

33 What is Hajj Tamattu?

When Umrah is performed before Hajj

34 What is the difference between Hajj Qiran and Tamattu?

In Hajj Tamattu, Haji can put off Ihram till 8th Zilhajj after performing Umrah but not in Hajj Qiran

35 What is called Hajj-e-Asghar?


36 What is called Hajj-e-Akbar?

10th Zilhajj

37 What is Hajj Mabroor?

Accepted Hajj

38 How to perform Mabroor Hajj?

Giving food to others, spread greetings, sincerity

39 What is Hajj Maqbool?


40 Umrah Tamattu can be performed?

Only before performing Hajj


Rituals Of Hajj

41 Hajj starts on

8th Zilhajj

42 Which rituals Hujjaj performs on 8th Zilhajj?

Hujjaj move to Mina from Makkah

43 What Hujjaj do in Mina?

Pray their salah and stay there at night

44 On 9th Zilhajj, Hujjaj performs which rituals?

After Fajar Salah moves to Arafat

45 What Hujjaj do in Arafat?

Stay there till dusk

46 After dusk in Arrafat where Hujaj moves?

They move to Muzdalfah and pray there the salah of both Maghreb and Isha

47 After prayer, what Hujjaj do in Muzdalfah?

Stay there at night

48 On 10th Zilhajj, where Hujjaj moves?

They move to Mina

49 Which rituals Hujjaj performs in Mina on 10th Zilhajj?

Stoning the Devil (Sitan)

50 Stoning the Sitan is called?


51 After Ramee in Mina what other rituals Hujjaj performs there?


52 Kissing of Hijr-e-Aswad is called?


53 Tawaf-e-Sadar is performed?

At departure

54 On entering Masjid-e-Haram which Tawaf is performed?

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55 Tawaf-e-Qudum is?


55 Second Khutba is delivered?

On 9th Zilhajj  

56 The stay at Arafat is called?


57 Stones (Pebbles) for Ramee are collected in?


58 Talbiah stoped?

After Ramee

59 Sayee starts from?


60 Sayee end at?


61 After Sayee, Hujjaj moves to?


62 How many times the Hujjaj run between Safa and Marwa?

Seven times

63 What is the first important step after taking on Ihram?


64 Wuquf-e-Arfa is also called as?


65 Where did Hujjaj assume the state of Ihram?


66 During Hajj, which Kalima is recited?

Kalima Tauheed

67 Stoning of Devil is performed on?

10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Zilhajj

68 During Hajj on which day both the Magreb and Isha prayers are prayed together?

9th Zilhajj

69 Where both the prayers are prayed?


70 During Hajj, how many Khtbaat are given?





71 In which Surah, Allah has declared Kaaba as the first ever House of Worship on the earth?

Surah Al Imran

72 Kaaba was first of all built by?


73 Kaaba is also called as?

Bait ul Ateef

74 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed?

9th Zilhajj

75 The Ghilaf-e-Kaaba contains?

150 kilo Gold and Silver

76 Ghilaf-e-Kaaba is composed of?

47 Parts

77 The preparation o Ghelaf-e-Kaaba takes?

One year

78 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is also called?


79 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed how often?

Each year at 9th Zilhajj

80 The first circle around the Kaaba is called?

Masjid e Haram

81 The second circle around the Kaaba is called?

Makkah Mukaramah

82 The third circle around the Kaaba is called?


83 The fourth circle around the Kaaba is called?


84 Kaaba was first built by?

Prophet Adam (PBUH)

85 How many years ago the Kaaba was rebuilt?

Almost 4500

86 Kaaba was rebuilt by?

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Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and Prophet Ismail (PBUH)

87 Kaaba is also called?


88 What is Mataf?

Place around Kaaba where Tawaf is performed

89 Masjid e Haram is?

Masjid around Kaaba

90 What is Multazam?

Wall between Kaaba gate and Hijr e Aswad


Days And Places


91 Zilhajj is?

12th Month of Islamic calendar

92 Masjid-e- Nimra is located?


93 The day Hujjaj goes to Mina is also called as?

Yumul Taraveeh

94 The first day of Hajj is?

8th Zilhaj

95 The second day of Hajj is

9th Zilhajj

96 The third day of Hajj is?

10th Zilhajj

97 Holy prophet (PBUH) delivered His farewell sermon at?


98 What does Al Multazim means?

Place of holding

99 Al Multazim is?

The place between Kaaba and Hijr-e-Aswad

100 Where is Muzdalifa?

Located between Arafat and Mina

101 Muzdilfa is how far from Makkah?

Six miles

102 The Noble Quran has called Muzdalifa?

Sacred Monument

103 After completing Tawaf, where did Hujjaj goes?

Al Multazim

104 Rukn-i-Hindi is?

Corner towards India

105 Rukn-i-Yamani is?

Corner of Kaaba which is towards Yemen

106 Hateem is the place?

Between Rukn-i-Shami and Rukn-i-Iraqi

107 Prayer at Hateem is like?

Prayer inside Kaaba

108 Hateem is also called?


109 The place where Hujjaj are bound to put on Ihram is called?


110 Bab-e-Islam is?

The name of a gate of Kaaba

111 Hijr-e-aswad means?

Black stone

112 Actual color of Hijr-e-Aswad was?


113 On which three days, Umrah cannot be performed?

9th, 10th and 11th Zilhajj

114 What are Jamarat?

The three upright stones (Devils)

115 What is the number of Jamarat?


116 What is the name of Masjid located in Mina?


117 Another name of Hajj day is?


118 The day of Sacrifice is also called?

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