Islamic Studies MCQs (The Holy Quran) Part I

This is the first part of the Islamic Studies MCQs’ series, regarding the Holy Quran. We have collected the following MCQs from various sources and have tried our best to avoid mistakes, but still if you find any mistake, please inform us by mentioning it in the comments section.

Revelation, Compilation and Composition

1 The other name of Holy Quran is


2 Al-Furqan means to show

Truth from falsehood or right from wrong

3 Quran literally means

A reading or reciting

4 The Holy Quran is which source of the Islamic Law?

Primary Source

5 The Holy Quran was revealed in how many years?

Almost 23 years

6 As per few the exact period of the revelation of the Holy Quran is how much?

22 Years, 2 Months and 22 Days

7 In the above period, how much time belongs to the revelation of Holy Quran in Madina?

9 Years, 9 Months and 9 Days

8 Mecci period of the Quran revelation becomes

12 Years, 4 Months and 13 Days

9 In Holy Quran, the Quran has also been sometimes mentioned with the name of


10 First Wahy (revelation) came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in

Cave Hira

11 The mountain on which Cave Hira is located is called

Jabal al Nour

12 How far is Cave Hira from the city Mecca

About 3 miles

13 Ghare Hira (Cave Hira) is located in


14 First Wahy was revealed in the month of


15 First revelation came on the night of


16 The first revelation came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the year

610 AD

17 At the time of first Wahy, the age of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was

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40 Years

18 First Wahy was comprised of how many Ayats?

Ayats (5)

19 Second Wahy came after how much time?

Some says 6 months and some says 3 years

20 The Holy Quran is composed of how many Para’s?

30 Para’s

21 There are how many Manzils in Holy Quran?

7 Manzils

22 There are how many total Suras in the Holy Quran?

114 Suras

23 The total number of Rukoos in Holy Quran are

540 Rukoos

24 The total number of Ayats in Holy Quran are


25 The number of Mecci Suras in Holy Quran is

Eighty Five (85)

26 The number of Madni Suras in Holy Quran is

Twenty Nine (29)

27 Mecci Suras are those

That has been revealed in Mecca

28 Madni suras are

Revealed in Madina

29 The shortest Sura of Holy Quran comprises of

Three (3) Aayats

30 The longest Sura of the Holy Quran is comprised of

286 Aayats

31 The shortest sura of Holy Quran is


32 The longest Sura of Holy Quran is

Sura Al-Baqara

33 The first Sura of Holy Quran is


34 The last sura is


35 Almost 19 Para’s of the Holy Quran is comprised of

Mecci Suras

36 The remaining 11 Paras of the Holy Quran is comprised of

Mani Suras

37 Longest Suras of the Holy Quran are in

The Start of the Book

38 Shortest Suras are in the

End of the Holy Quran

39 In Mecci Suras of The Holy Quran, most of the time who have been addressed?

General public

40 In Madni suras of the Holy Quran, most of the time

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Believers/Muslims have been addressed

41 The subject matter of Mecci Suras is generally

The basic beliefs of Islam

42 Generally the subject matter of Madni Suras of the Holy Quran is

The rules and regulation for the state and society

43 The Holy Quran was compiled for the first time during the Caliphate of

Abu Bakar (R.A)

44 Who for the first time gave the idea of the compilation of Quran?

Hazrat Umar (R.A)

45 The primary purpose of Holy Quran is to lay down a way of life which

Regulates the relationship of man with man and with God

46 Aayat-ul-ahkam in Quran are of three types which are

Ahkam-ul-Aatakadiya, Ahkam-al-Khulqiya and Ahkam-ul-Ilmiyah

47 Ahkam-ul-Aatakadiya are related to


48 Ahkam-al-Khulqiyah are related to


49 Ahkam-ul-Iliyah are related to

Ibadaat and Muamulaat

50 Sura literally means

A City

51 Aayat means

Sign or Clue

52 Which Sura is called the preface of Holy Quran?


53 The first Hafiz (memorizer) of Quran was

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

54 Who was the first writer of Wahy (revelation)?

Zaid Ibn Thabit (R.A)

55 The word Quran itself, how many times has appeared in Holy Quran, in different forms

Seventy (70) Times

56 With how many different names Allah has mentioned the Holy Quran in Quran?

Five (5) Names

57 The other names of Holy Quran, that Quran itself has mentioned are

Al-Furqan, Al-Zikar, Al-Kitab, Al-Noor, Al-Huda

58 In Holy Quran, the word Allah has been repeated

2698 times

59 At the time of demise of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there were how many Huffaz (memorizers) of Holy Quran?

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Twenty Two (22)

60 The Three forms of revelations granted to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Wahi, Kashf, Dream

61 The word Kashf means?


62 Major part of Quran is revealed?

At night time

63 On the order of Abu Bakar, how many companion compiled Quran?

Seventy Five (75)

64 The Caliph who compiled Quran and divided into Para’ah is?

Usman Ghani (RA)

Diacritical Points

65 Who applied diacritical points to the Holy Quran?

Hajaj Bin Yusuf

66 Hajaj Bin Yusuf applied diacritical points in which Hijri?

Fourty Third (43)

67 TASHDEED, HAMZA and MUD in The Holy Quran were put by whom?

Khalil Bin Ahmed Basri

68 In the Holy Quran there are how many dots?


69 How many Zabar are there in the Holy Quran?


70 How many Zeer are there in the Holy Quran?


71 How many Waquf (stops) are there in the Quran?


72 In Quran there are how many Raque?


73 In Quran there are how many Thashdeed?


74 In Holy Quran there are how many letters?


75 How many Pash are there in the Holy Quran?


76 The number of Madd in the Holy Quran are


77 How many words are there in the Holy Quran?


78 In Quran which letter is used for most of the time?


79 Which letter has been used for least of the time in the Holy Quran?



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