Kaaba Important Info MCQs

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Kaaba Important Info MCQs

1 In which Surah, Allah has declared Kaaba as the first ever House of Worship on the earth?

Surah Al Imran

2 Kaaba was first of all built by?


3 Kaaba is also called as?

Bait ul Ateef

4 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed?

9th Zilhajj

5 The Ghilaf-e-Kaaba contains?

150 kilo Gold and Silver

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6 Ghilaf-e-Kaaba is composed of?

47 Parts

7 The preparation o Ghelaf-e-Kaaba takes?

One year

8 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is also called?


9 Ghelaf-e-Kaaba is changed how often?

Each year at 9th Zilhajj

10 The first circle around the Kaaba is called?

Masjid e Haram

11 The second circle around the Kaaba is called?

Makkah Mukaramah

12 The third circle around the Kaaba is called?


13 The fourth circle around the Kaaba is called?


14 Kaaba was first built by?

Prophet Adam (PBUH)

15 How many years ago the Kaaba was rebuilt?

Almost 4500

16 Kaaba was rebuilt by?

Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and Prophet Ismail (PBUH)

17 Kaaba is also called?


18 What is Mataf?

Place around Kaaba where Tawaf is performed

19 Masjid e Haram is?   

Masjid around Kaaba

20 What is Multazam?

Wall between Kaaba gate and Hijr e Aswad


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