KPK PMS Botany Paper II – 2008

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KPK PMS Botany Paper II – 2008

KPK PMS Botany Paper II – 2008

Note: Read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Attempt any Five questions
  2. All questions carry equal marks
  3. Extra attempt of any question or any part will not be considered
  4. Candidates must draw two straight lines at the end to separate each question in answer book.

Question 1: What are the morphological and biochemical adaptations of CAM plants that help them survive in the deserts?

Question 2: How do plant hormones differ from animal hormones? Describe the psychological effects of ethylene in plants.

Question 3: Discuss various edaphic and biotic factors in relation to plant growth.

Question 4: Answer the following questions.

  1. What is plant succession? Give detailed account of plant succession starting in a lake.
  2. Write a note on ‘‘pollution and conservation of natural resources’’.

Question 5:  Describe ultrastructure of cell membrane and chloroplast along with suitable illustrations.

Question 6: ‘‘Each gene must have a structure that allows controlling substances to recognize the gene, bind to it, and activate it at proper time’’. Elaborate the statement.

Question 7: What is gene mutation? Give a critical account of various types of mutations and their significance.






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