KPK PMS British History Paper II – 2008

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KPK PMS British History Paper II – 2008

Note: Read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Attempt any Five questions
  2. All questions carry equal marks
  3. Extra attempt of any question or any part will not be considered
  4. Candidates must draw two straight lines at the end to separate each question in answer book.

Question 1: Highlight the role of John Russell in British politics.

Question 2: Critically evaluate the internal and external policies of Britain during Gladstone era.

Question 3: ‘‘Lord Palmerston was one of the best foreign ministers Britain ever produced’’. Comment.

Question 4: Analyse the various phases of the freedom movement of the Irish people against the British occupation.

Question 5: Examine critically the role of Lloyd George in the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Question 6: What were the main causes of the British policy of Decolonization?

Question 7: Analyse the characters and achievements of Margret Thatcher.





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