KPK PMS Business Administration Paper- 2008

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KPK PMS Business Administration Paper- 2008

KPK PMS Business Administration- 2008


Note: Read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Attempt Only Five questions in all. Question No. 2 is compulsory. Select at least one question from each of the part I, II, and III.
  2. All questions carry equal marks
  3. Extra attempt of any question or any part will not be considered
  4. Candidates must draw two straight lines at the end to separate each question in answer book.

Part-I (Management)

Question 1: What skills and competencies a newly appointed front line manager must develop to perform his or her job effectively? List and define five basic elements of rationale decision making process.

Question 2: How does Henri Fayol’s contribution to the classical management approach differ from the contribution of Frederick W. Taylor, William Ouch’s ‘‘Z’’ theory, Lillian Gilbreths, Henry L. Gantt, Douglas Mc Gregor X and Y theory and Likert’s management system?

Question 3: What are the major steps in the strategy management process? Elaborate each step with suitable example. Explain in detail how SWOT analyses can be used to formulate strategy?

Part II (Principles Of Marketing)

Question 4: What criteria a company can use to choose the most attractive target markets? How can a company identify the segments that make up a market?

Question 5:  How do the buyer’s characteristics such as social, cultural, personal and psychological influence buying behaviour? What steps will take by a company to enhance the customer satisfaction through quality, services and value?

Part III (Financial Management)

Question 6: Answer the following questions.

  1. Why money has time value? And discuss the basic methods which are used to calculate value of money with appropriate examples.
  2. A has taken house loon amounting Rs.800,000 from HBFC at the rate of 11% per year. Requirements:
  3. Calculate compound interest for 7 years
  4. Calculate how much total amount Mr. A will pay at the end of seven years to the HBFC, if interest is computed semi-annually?

Question 7: Answer the following questions.

  1. Elaborate the use of financial ratio in evaluation of financial statements.
  2. Calculate the following ratios from below given Balance Sheet and Income Statement of APG Company.
  3. Quick acid test ratio
  4. Debt to equity ratio
  • Return on assets
  1. Inventory turnover
  2. Gross margin ratio
  3. Account receivable turnover








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