KPK PMS Economics Paper II – 2008

   KPK PMS Economics Paper II – 2008

Note: Read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Attempt any Five questions
  2. All questions carry equal marks
  3. Extra attempt of any question or any part will not be considered
  4. Candidates must draw two straight lines at the end to separate each question in answer book.

Question 1: Differentiate between growth and development and also discuss the statement that the present concept of development is different from that of the past?

Question 2: Critically evaluate the planning history of Pakistan since independence.

Question 3: The land reforms practices have not been successful in Pakistan. Discuss critically.

Question 4: How do you see the foreign remittances as a source of income for the country? How do you see the future of this as one of the top most sources of earnings?

Question 5: Regional Economic blocs hinder the efforts of W.T.O to remove barrier to free trade. Discuss.

Question 6: Please examine globalization in the context of less developed countries. Is it beneficial for countries like Pakistan?

Question 7: The industrial process has been slower than the normal pace. In your opinion what push does industrial growth need in Pakistan?




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